Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Little Black Bag - August

First of all, my computer is back in working order, and man I have a lot to catch up on.

But first, my August Little Black Bag. (Though, technically, I opened this bag in July...but it took the place of my August bag for me.)


The first thing I got was the Maharaja Palace stretch bracelet by Spring Street. This is actually a set of 5 bracelets tied together by a ribbon. I did remove the ribbon, by the way - while wearing, I found it annoying. The bracelets are super pretty and very decent quality.

I really like the colors - very different from everything else I have. 

I love the two sparkly ones. I also like that these can be worn separately.

I also got the R&Em leopard hobo in the color "Storm". I wasn't sure about this one, but I am glad I decided to keep it. It's huge! The faux leather feels nice. The magnetic closure is a nice touch.

There are studs on both sides and along the bottom, as well as some other cute details. 

There are several pockets inside, including one that zips. This bag has a nice, cute slouch to it when it has things in it. The handle is wide and fits nicely on my shoulder. This is my first product from R&Em and I enjoy it!

And finally, the studded tote by She & Josh in the color "Cobalt". SO PRETTY. This is the bag I was determined to get my hands on, and it took some serious trading, but I finally got it. 

The material is nice and soft. It has that slightly "wrinkled" (in a good way) look to it and it is great for summer. The handles are good and sturdy, and there is also a removeable shoulder strap.

I love that there are two pockets on the front, behind the handles. They're nice and deep and great to slide my phone, keys, and iPod into.

And how cute is the inside? I love the colorful fabric (which is also nice and soft) and it has several pockets, as well. Lots of space for everything.

So, here's yet another LBB that I'm happy with! I'm glad to get some color and pattern variety in my bag collection, especially.

What was in your LBB this month? (If you haven't signed up yet, my referral link is here!)


Misty said...

I love the look of the She&Josh bag! I'm hoping they still have some when I open my next bag & I can snag one! :)

NeonShopaholic said...

Nice LBB haul! I'm hoping to get a She&Josh tote in my next bag!! :)

yousoldtheworld said...

I love it! I am hoping to get my hands on one of the green ones if there are any left for my next bag!

Discovering Beauty said...

I’ve never heard of the LBL! But I love the stretch bracelet. I am a new follower btw from the blog hop :-) x

yousoldtheworld said...

Ohhh, you should so try it sometime! So much fun and such a great deal. $50 a month, you can skip months, usually 2-4 items worth at least $100 (you are able to trade other users once you open your bag, so your starting bag will be worth at least $100 but after trading can be much higher).

I'm completely addicted. My favorite way to shop for bags and jewelry and accessories, lol. :)

I've followed you back!

Discovering Beauty said...

I don’t think we get in the UK, but yours is the first US blog I have seen a review on. No doubt it will make its way over here soon though! x