Monday, May 21, 2012

theBalm Hot Mama Blush - Review (and rave)

Up until a few months ago, I had never even heard of theBalm. I blame it on living in a small town with no decent makeup stores, or maybe I was just living under a rock. I started to see the name pop up, and the products I saw had me intrigued - I loved their cute, sassy names and packaging. Finally, in the last couple of months, between winning a giveaway and finding a good sale, I've gotten my hands on several products by theBalm, and I'm happy to say they are among my current favorite brands!

Of the products I've tried, this review is of my favorite - Hot Mama blush. theBalm classifies this as an all-in-one, able to be used on the cheeks, eyes, as a highlighter, and to finish the lips, though you could really say that about most any blush, especially ones with a bit of shimmer.

Hot Mama has ridiculously cute packaging featuring a pin-up girl in front of a sunset. It is a magnetic cardboard compact that feels nice and sturdy. It comes in an identical cardboard sleeve. The mirror is great, and it contains a lot of product.

The product itself is beautiful! It's a gorgeous peachy pink with golden shimmer. The shimmer is nice and subtle and glowy, it does not make you look like you lost a fight with a disco ball. The color seems as though it would be suitable for most any skin tone. I've seen it compared to Nars Orgasm, which I haven't tried myself. The general consensus is that it is similar in color to Orgasm, but has more subtle shimmer.

The formula is wonderful - very fine, nice and soft. It goes on nice and sheer, but is easily buildable if you want more intense color! It takes only a quick tap of the brush to get enough color, so be careful not to overdo it!

I planned to do some swatches on my arm, but it just didn't show off how pretty the color is, so I decided to put it on my face. (Very sloppily, mind you, but that's not the point here, the awesome color is!)

 It's easy to get just a soft hint of color...I have been wearing it like this every day.

It is also easily build able to a more intense flush of color. It's also easy to overdo, due to the super silky formula, but it's easy enough to tone down with some powder!

Hot Mama has become my favorite everyday blush. I wear just a hint of it and love the subtle glow it gives me! It costs $19 for enough blush to last forever. 

What are your favorite products by theBalm?


Hannah Welch said...

That colour is amazing! I don;t think The balm products are available here in the u.k but if they were I'd be off to the shops to get that blush!
Hannah x

yousoldtheworld said...

So much prettier in person than in my crappy pictures, too!

I don't know about shops, but I do know you can get theBalm products at because a friend of mine recently bought this blush and a bronzer! :)

Ashley said...

I love this blush I bought it back during the holidays last year and rarely use anything else now!

Amy said...

That is amazingly gorgeous! Love the blush, and I especially love the "lost a fight with a disco ball" remark, made me smile. 

I love their Shady Lady palettes,and if you get lucky, you can find them at TJ Maxx and Marshall's!

Emma Kershaw said...

I've just won this in a blog giveaway! I can't wait to use it! xxx

Come and check out my MAC Giveaway!

Emer said...

Is this an american brand because I never seen it in any shops around here,just heard of it a few weeks ago but it looks to be pretty decent and would love to try out some products :)


Angela Scooler said...

Hot mama looks like it was made for really suits you. I haven't used any thebalm products yet but I've wanted to.

yousoldtheworld said...

Isn't it awesome?! I don't even have any desire to buy more blushes now, and that's saying something, for me. LOL.

yousoldtheworld said...

Such a great blush! I actually haven't tried the shadows yet, except for one overshadow that is gorgeous. All 3 of the Shady Lady palettes are on my wish list, and next time I'm in a town with a TJ Maxx I'm going hunting. :)

yousoldtheworld said...

It is an American brand, but I do know that some ladies have been able to get theBalm products in other countries via Amazon! Worth checking out, the products are super cute and I love the way they wear.

yousoldtheworld said...

Aw, thanks! I had the worst time getting a picture of it. I am falling in love with theBalm, currently loving this blush, their lip gloss, lip and cheek stain, and nail polishes. I am on a mission to try the Shady Lady shadows and the Mary Loumanizer next.

Eugenia said...

I've never tried any of the products but hear good things! Well actually I have a nail polish but not actual makeup. Looks good on you!

Jess B said...

I'm definitely a sucker for makeup with cute packaging like that!

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Mselfblog said...

thank you for the wonderful review!