Sunday, September 30, 2012


So, it seems that Influenster has undergone a makeover! They've completely revamped their website and the way the program works!

 If you haven't heard of Influenster, it is a really cool program - basically, you first unlock certain badges related to your demographics and lifestyle. Then, periodically throughout the year, they offer boxes called VoxBoxes to people who fit a certain profile. The boxes can contain many types of items, and the boxes are always 100 percent free. I received a Spring Beauty box this year, which I  posted about before here. They have also offered boxes for moms, Latinas, fans of natural products, and more. 

The only thing they ask in return is that you spread the word and share the products you receive on review sites, social media, and reviews on Influenster itself. It's a really great way to try new things, and I've discovered some really great products through Influenster.

So, if you'd like to join Influenster, I have 5 invites for people to be on my "team". Leave me your email and I'll send you one! 

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream - No. 21 review

I am personally really enjoying the recent BB cream craze that has been going on. I've never been a fan of foundation...I always find them either too heavy and dry, too oily, or just ineffective on my skin. And using layers of necessary products like serums, sunscreens, moisturizers, and makeup every day is not only time consuming, but it literally makes me feel like I'm suffocating my skin. I've always been more of an "all in one" kind of girl.

So when I first started hearing about BB creams, to say I was intrigued would be an understatement. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a BB cream is by now, but in a nutshell, it's a product that combines skin care benefits like whitening/brightening and antiaging, sun protection, moisturization, and coverage. They have been around since the 60s (when they were used by people who had undergone certain medical procedures to rejuvenate the skin) but they didn't start reed ally gaining popularity until a few years ago, when they became a craze in Korea. In the last year or two, the trend has made its way to the US, and we're now seeing American varieties pop up.

I've posted before about a couple of the American variety, which are in general more like tinted moisturizers with some SPF than true BB creams (I'm not saying that's a bad thing...but I do find it best to consider them their own thing, rather than compare them to the others), but I've also been trying out some real Asian BB creams. This Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream is one of those!

This BB cream comes in very easy to use packaging with a pump. The full size is 50 ML and retails for $29.99 on Missha's US site...of course, prices vary at other retailers. They also sell a mini travel sized version.

I have no. 21, which is Light Beige. This BB cream comes in 5 different shades ranging from Milky Beige to Golden Beige. This is the 2nd lightest. I was a bit concerned that this would be too dark, as I generally require the lightest shade in everything, but that was not the case and it is a good match for my skin! A good thing about BB creams is that the shades are very versatile and adjust to your skin tone.

This BB cream offers an SPF of 42, which is great. It promises whitening and anti-aging, and to help heal blemishes. I have combination skin and I do get occasional breakouts, so I was happy to learn that. 

The product is a great consistency. It's thick and not at all runny, but it's light and easy to blend, as well.  The pump makes it easy to dispense just the right amount. It does have a grayish cast to it when it is first applied, but that quickly goes away as it is blended into the skin. Another notable thing about this BB cream is the scent - it has a nice, soft, kind of powdery scent that I really enjoy.

I found that it blended in to my skin readily and within a minute or two, it was invisible. I have found that it is easy to apply this cream for sheer coverage or full coverage, and it does not look cakey. The finish is not dry nor dewy, but nice and soft. I have had a few people comment on how soft and pretty my skin looks while wearing it!

In this rather unflattering photo, I am wearing nothing on my skin but this BB cream and a bit of blush. It has covered my blemishes and uneven spots. I feel that it has lightened a few acne scars I have, as well, which is a very welcome benefit.

In all, I am very impressed with this BB cream. It is one I will be repurchasing. So far, it is my holy grail bb cream!

What do you think of the current BB cream craze? What's your favorite one?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

September favorites!

This was a good month for favorites - I tried several new things that I quickly fell in love with. There will be actual reviews of several of them up in the near future, but in the meantime, here are the beauty items I was loving for September!

Marbella was kind enough to send me this Permanent Lipliner Pen in spice to try. I'm not really a lip liner person, so I didn't expect much...but I was really impressed! This is truly a lip stain...and an awesome one. I rub my lips together and lick them a lot, so nothing lasts on me - NOTHING. I line and fill in my lips with this pen, and it lasts all day long. Well beyond my 8 hour shift. I love it under a clear gloss or balm. I plan to pick up a few more of these in different colors!

My hands and feet get so dry, especially in the winter. This Intensive Treatment and Moisturizer by Kiehl's is awesome and rich and keeps them soft and smooth. I received this as a reward for a product study from L'Oreal, and I've become obsessed with it. I have only used a few Kiehl's product, but each one I use makes me want to try more.

I have used several BB creams and in general, I love them. I find that the texture and finish suit me better than foundation, and I love having everything in one product...too many layers feel heavy to me. Of all of the BB creams I have tried, I love m perfect cover by Missha the best! The coverage is amazing, it covers any blemishes and the dark circles under my eyes with no problem. It's not dewy nor dry, and I've received numerous comments on how soft and pretty my skin looks while wearing it. I also like the powdery scent and the SPF 42. I had been trying a new BB cream every time I ran out and enjoying it, but this one is likely to become my go-to.

I picked these up on a whim to use up the last of my Birchbox points, and I really love them! They are basically qtips filled with makeup remover that is dispensed when you snap the tip.They're great for correcting makeup mistakes and they take off liquid liner with no problem. Love to keep these in my bag, super handy.

This is the first two step mascara I've ever tried, and I've fallen in love with it! One end is a lash conditioner/primer infused with serum. It's white and not as goopy as I feared. It really does seem to soften my lashes! The mascara itself is really has a great brush, it separates, defines, and thickens as well as lengthens. I love that it leaves my lashes soft and it can be natural or dramatic. This is the best drugstore mascara I've tried.

I got this Glazed Lips by Ellis Faas in last month's Glossybox. I wasn't too sure about the color - Sheer Rusty Orange, but I ended up being super impressed with it. I love the finish - it's glossy, but in a different way. It makes your lips look more wet than a good way! I love the feel and the buildable color. Never would have dreamed I'd be able to wear an orange.

I have a couple of the Color Tattoos by Maybelline, and they really are impressively longlasting. I just never end up actually wearing cream shadows like I think I would. I have found, though, that this makes an excellent eyeshadow base! It helps the colors pop and it lasts all day long. Love it.

And, my individual picture of the last item seems to have disappeared, but it's the loose pearl pigment by NYX...super cheap and good quality. I love the rust .color I have for fall, and I want to get some more of them.

What have you been loving this month?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Glossybox - September

I was so excited to check my mail this morning and find my Glossybox! At first I hated that it arrived at the end of the month rather than the beginning to middle, but I've come to really like having my subs a little more spread out. I'm also excited to see if my subs start sending out good fall and winter products.
Still my favorite boxes. I have saved all of them and they are currently being used to organize my makeup and skincare items.

I really love how each box looks and feels like a present with a cute little ribbon and a card. I see that this month's theme is "Fall Forward", and it's all about breakthrough products and forward thinking essentials. Fun!

Okay, seriously? Look at these sample sizes. This is why I love Glossybox. After several months of foil packets with another sub, it was really exciting to open my box to see this! 

This is a Glossybox lipstick made by Kryolan. It contains vitamin E and promises to be very moisturizing. The shade we got is "Glossy pink".

I'm not a lipstick person, at all. I generally stick to balms and glosses. But this color is really nice, and I've been wanting a change, so I'm going to try it out!

This is moisturizing shampoo and conditioner by GKHair. I love that Glossybox sends shampoo and conditioner together, so you can truly see how they work together. The sample sizes are great. These contain keratin and promise to moisturize and revitalize. Excited to try them.

This is Professional Mattifying Gel by OC8. It is meant to help control shine and oil throughout the day. My skin isn't super oily, but I do have some shine issues on my t-zone sometimes, and it's more noticeable when I wear certain face products and foundations, so I'm definitely excited to see what this does for me. It's a full sized tube!

And finally, the star of the box - Perfect Cover BB Cream by Missha. I love BB creams and I much prefer them to foundations or other face makeup. I haven't yet tried Missha so I was really excited to get this! Plus, it has SPF 42, which is a great bonus. My one concern was that I got the shade 21, and I think 13 would have been a better fit. That said, though it might be a shade darker than ideal, it's still definitely close enough to my skin tone to be wearable, and I am really excited to try it out. This is also a full sized tube!

In all, this is my favorite Glossybox to date! Two full sized makeup products, a full sized skincare product, and deluxe shampoo and conditioner samples make for a happy box. And the sizes are insane! I couldn't find sample sizes on the shampoo and conditioner, but the other 3 full sized products have a value of $73.99 alone. That's insane! I can't wait to try everything out and I'm already excited to see what October brings.

What did you think of Glossybox this month?

Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.

Monday, September 24, 2012

myGlam/Ipsy: September Bag

After almost a year as myGlam, they have decided to change their name to Ipsy and try a new "beauty by you" approach. They promise that this will ensure that we receive appropriate shades/formulas of products for our skin tones and preferences. I have read plenty of people complain that they dislike the name and think it's a bad move...I personally could not care less what they call themselves as long as I consistently get decent products.

As far as the personalization goes, I have mixed feelings. Now, if they truly are tailoring colors/shades and formulas of the products to our needs, that is great. I hope, however, that they don't start having actual true box variations. sending out boxes with completely different products in them. One of the things I like about myGlam is that everyone gets roughly the same thing, and there is no giant variation in box value.  Other subs that do this generally have a lot of dissatisfaction and box envy from those who get the less desirable boxes, and if everyone is paying the same fee every month, I do believe everyone should receive roughly the same items.  Along with this revamp, they also have a new, more social website. I haven't played around on it much, yet.

But, onto the important thing: the products themselves! Here's what I got for September!

I thought it was cute that the info cards were covered with lots of pictures of subscribers! It was a nice touch, and goes well with the "Beauty by You" theme. I love the bag itself this month! It's a little black wristlet, and it feels like decent quality. I really appreciate that they have been sending out lots of different kinds of bags: mesh bags, zip bags, bags that snap...I enjoy variety. This is one of my favorite bags so far...I love that it's simple enough to use on its own as a wristlet.

The first item I received was too big to fit in the bag - it's a smudge brush by SOHO. This brush is super long! I don't mind that at all. Now, it is intended to be a smudge brush, for softening liner and applying product to the lash line, etc. I personally find that it is more like a crease/blending brush, and that's the purpose I've been using it for! It's synthetic and a cute color. It's not the highest quality brush I own, but it has already seen a decent amount of use and works well enough.

This is Repairing split end sealer by Carol's Daughter. I'm working on growing out dyed, damaged hair, so this is a great product for me to receive. It promises to bind frayed and split ends and prevent further damage, using Monoi oil. I don't know about binding, but I can say that it leaves my ends nice and soft and smooth. It's a nice product! I'd be interested in trying more products by Carol's Daughter.

This is a pan shadow by Mirabella! The shade received is "Semiformal", which is a nice subtle brown with a pearly finish. This is a great neutral for me, not too dark, and it doesn't pull too warm. While I don't find it super pigmented, I don't mind that with shades like this. It is nice and soft and satiny. My only complaint about this product is that I don't have an empty palette to put it in. 

This is a lipgloss in Sparkle Pink by Jane. I remember buying Jane makeup when I was a kid, and apparently they've recently relaunched! This gloss is a bright pink with some subtle sparkle. I find that it's a little thick, but it isn't too sticky. It is decently pigmented for a gloss. I like it well enough, but there is nothing really special about it. I have received about a million glosses in the last couple of months, so I don't know if this will get a lot of use for a while, but it's not a bad product at all.

We also received the final color in the Circus line by Andrea's Choice - Tightrope. It's a nice bright purple (and this color is hard to photograph! It is more purple and less pink than it appears in photos). I love this color! I now have the purple, pink, and orange shades and they are all super bright and fun. I like the formula...while it is slightly streaky, it's easy to get a nice thin coat and I really love the unique matte finish. I'm happy to have gotten these polishes, but I am definitely glad the collection is through so I can start receiving some different things!

In all, this is a pretty decent bag for me. I like the colors and the brush, and I'm interested to see the new direction they are headed in. What do you think?

Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Barkbox - September

Well, I've sadly missed posting about my last couple of Barkboxes...mostly because Rowan got into them before I got a chance to get pictures of them! But I got his September Barkbox while he was at the park with his grandma, so I actually had a chance to go through this one!

In case you haven't heard of BarkBox, it is a monthly subscription program for dogs! They send out healthy, safe foods, toys, and accessories for your dog monthly. It's available for dogs of all sizes, and Rowan and I have loved everything we've received!

Here's what we got for September:

1. Zigoo Crinket Toy. This is the large green tube-looking's actually a brilliant idea - it's a durable tube meant to put an empty water bottle in! This way, the dog can chew and enjoy the crinkle noise without actually tearing up the bottle, possibly swallowing it or hurting himself on sharp edges. This will be great for Ro, he loves anything noisy. I love that BarkBox always sends durable toys...because he is quite a chewer.

2. LA Fresh W.A.G. Bath Wipe - This is obviously more exciting for me than for Rowan. It's a premoistened wipe meant to clean up your dog on the go. He loves to get into mud and other gross things, so this will definitely come in handy!

3. Barkworthies Bully Stick - pretzel:  This is a bully stick in the shape of a pretzel. Rowan has already devoured it...he LOVED it. I love giving him safe things to chew on.

4. Whole Life Pet Freeze Dried Sweet Potato treats. This is a great sized bag! I love giving Ro sweet potatoes, they're super healthy and these are nice and light and crisp, and definitely unique. We also received a small sample of the freeze dried chicken treats...which he apparently loved, because he snuck into the box when I went down to the bathroom and stole them.

5. Zukes Z-Bones dental treat. Ro hates having his teeth brushed, so I love giving him dental treats! This is a green chew bone meant to clean the teeth and freshen breath. He apparently thought it tasted good, too, as he already devoured it!

And finally, there was also a $10 coupon code for  It was good for $10 off your first order from which is a great site to buy pet supplies. Unfortunately, I have already ordered from them many times. so I can't use it. However, if you want my discount code, please feel free to leave me a comment and it's yours!

As usual, Rowan and I both LOVED our BarkBox. I appreciate the company and the care put into selecting products to send. I highly recommend it to anyone with a spoiled doggie!

If you are interested, you can sign up via my referral link OR using this coupon code: "MITAC032" tand you will save $5 off your order.

Sample Society - September

This month marked the end of my relationship with both Birchbox and Cravebox, so I was really hoping my remaining subs would send out good boxes to make up for it. Sample Society took a little longer than usual to get to me because of the holiday, but it came quickly once it shipped. But were the contents worth it?

I like that the Beauty Bar boxes now have a pull tab to make them easier to open. I used to struggle with the outer boxes! I also still appreciate the packaging, itself - the Sample Society boxes are sturdy and cute and great for storage. I like to use them to organize my makeup...they hold up better than the Birchboxes!

Here's what was inside this month. Good sized samples of good brands. I have consistently been happy with Sample Society's offerings. They tend to send out truly high end brands and products that are useful for most everyone. Of my subs, I'd say that Sample Society is, so far, the most "sophisticated".

The first item I pulled out was this EDT sample by diptyque. I love getting perfume samples, so I was excited to try this! They sent out several different scents by diptyque.  This company is really interesting to me. They design most of these scents to be unisex and they all have really poetic, interesting descriptions. I received vetyverio, which is in the "woody" family and is inspired by forest vegetation. It has notes of citrus, vetiver, spices, and woods. I personally smell more vetiver than anything and I get very little of the citrus or fruit notes on me. It's definitely a high quality fragrance, and I found it to be quite complex...but I am not a fan of the scent itself. I don't find that it suits me, I tend to prefer a sweeter, more feminine scent. That said, I was really glad to try this brand and I would very much like to try more of their fragrances.

I was really excited to get this Ahava Purifying Mud Mask. I love masks and I've heard great things about this brand. The sample is a great size, too. It's a mineral mud mask that promises to soften and purify the skin, get rid of excess oil, and clear and prevent blemishes and blackheads. I have tried it once, and I did like it. It left my skin feeling clean and fresh. I find it to be a good mask for my skin, and I will definitely consider buying the full sized product when I finish this.

This is a B Gloss by Borghese. It is what it looks like - a lip gloss.  It boasts vitamins A and E, as well as jojoba oil, avocado oil, and aloe. The size is perfect to keep in my purse! I got the color "Fiore", which is a shimmery mauve color. I like the shade a lot, and find that it complements my complexion. I posted a photo below. I am not a huge fan of the gloss itself, though - it is a bit sticky. However, once it's been on for a few minutes, the stickiness does fade, and I find the wear to be decently long for a gloss. I will definitely use it, but I don't think I'd buy the full size. 

This is Extremely Gentle Skin Cleanser by CellCeuticals, and it is also what it sounds like - a cleanser that is gentle. It's a great size (2 ounces)! It promises to hydrate as it cleans and to be suitable for sensitive skin. I've been using it at night (I exfoliate in the mornings, so I prefer something gentle at night) and I find that it is great at cleaning my skin without irritating it or leaving it tight. It's definitely a nice cleanser, but I do think there are plenty of products out there that do an equally good job for a more affordable price.  I do enjoy this brand!

And finally, a stila smudge crayon! I received the shade "umber" which is a nice brown. This is a cool product - it's a primer, shadow, and liner in one. It's nice and soft and creamy, and I did find it to be long lasting! The tip really is like a crayon - easy to make a nice even line. It's very easy to smudge to make a smoky eye. I love it and would love to try other colors as well. This is my favorite item in the box!

This is a thin layer of the Borgese B Gloss in Fiore on my bare lips (wow, that angle makes my nose look giant...) Definitely a nice, subtle color.

In all, I think this is a great box. The gloss and liner are perfect shades for fall, and the cleanser and mask are great for my skin. I do wish I'd gotten another scent of the perfume, but I'm still glad to have tried it. Sample Society remains possibly my favorite sub, and I'm glad to see them continuing to send out impressive boxes.

Have you tried any good new products this month?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birchbox - September 2012

So, after last month's box, I had every intention to cancel my Birchbox subscription. In fact, I thought I had cancelled, but apparently I got distracted partway through or something, because I never actually finished I was surprised to get a shipping notification this month. No big deal, just one last Birchbox. I was worried that it would be an amazing box, and I'd decide not to cancel after all. Luckily for me, that was not the case!

The September boxes don't really have a definite theme beyond "The September Issue", and they've given us a collection of things that are at least vaguely appropriate for fall. So, what did I get this month?

After last month's larger box, this one was back in its normal box and mailer. I was surprised to get my box today, as my shipping information had not updated. It was still pretty late in the month to receive my box, though.

Birchbox did something new this month, and put together this cute little fall trend guide that includes ten of their favorite fall beauty trends. I really liked this little mag, it's a cute touch and I'd love something like this to be included more often!

This is the Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator by Vasanti. It's an exfoliating cleanser that uses microderm crystals and papaya enzymes to brighten the skin. It's a nice sized sample, and I look forward to trying it.

This is a variety kit from The Brush Guard. It includes 3 brush guards. They looked small, so I thought they'd just fit my shadow and liner brushes, but I was surprised at how much these stretch! I was able to fit my blush and foundation brushes in the larger two and a larger shadow brush in the smallest one While this isn't the most exciting product, they will definitely come in handy, as I usually just toss my brushes in a pouch. I see myself using these the most for storing my brushes after washing them...they seem like they'll really help keep them in order as they dry.

This is the Sleep Over Kit by Wei. It includes two packets of gelled oil cleanser and a little pouch of a moisturizing face tint. I am excited to try this, as I have never tried a CC (color correcting) cream and I am super interested. I will report back as soon as I try this! It looks to be enough for about 2 uses.

This is a sample of Mon Jasmin Noir Eau de Parfum by Bvlgari. I have mixed feelings on this. I have wanted to try Bvlgari, and this is definitely a high quality fragrance. That said, it's just not really my type of scent. It's a very sophisticated, sultry floral. I usually hate jasmine scents...I don't hate the jasmine in this one, I just generally prefer sweeter or fruitier scents. That said, I might give it a shot to wear for a day or two and just see how I feel about it after wearing it.

This is the biggest bummer of the box for me - Color Club polish in a rose gold shade. They scent out four colors this month - a cobalt blue, and slate gray, a chartreuse, and this one.   They are part of a custom collection made for Birchbox by Color Club. I was hoping for anything BUT the rose of course, that's what I got. Luckily, many people wanted this shade, so I will be trading it!

And this is my favorite thing in the box - a lace print twist band. Sounds silly, but these are the only type of hair ties I use and I think the lace print is super cute. 

In all, I'm not regretting my decision to cancel Birchbox. This is just an okay box, and nothing in it makes me truly excited. 

What did you get in your Birchbox this month?