Friday, May 31, 2013

Glossybox - May 2013 - Celebration Box

May marks Glossybox's first anniversary in the US! As such, they have themed this month's box "Celebration Box", a box that includes treats that embrace their past and future (?), and a nod to NYC.

Here's what I got this month!

Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray - This is a volume- building spray gel. It is supposed to add volume while remaining soft. It can be used while blowdrying or air drying. I don't usually use products like this, but I will give it a try!

My Prime Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer - This is a moisturizer that has moisturizing and anti-aging benefits as well as acting as a primer. It has a matte finish. I find that it has a thicker consistency than I look for in a moisturizer, but it will be great as a primer!

European Wax Center The Exfoliate and Slow It Body Lotion - These are little sample packets. The exfoliate refines skin without abrasives, and the slow it lotion is designed to soften  hair  and decrease its growth. These are pretty blah to me, but I will use them.

etre belle Collagen & Aloe Vera Hydra Mask- This is a sheet mask with collagen and aloe vera! It promises to boost moisture and improve elasticity. I already tried this out last night and I love the way it made my skin feel! Though, as with all sheet masks, you look pretty creepy when you wear it!

Nicka K New York Absolute! Perfume Stick - This is a solid perfume stick in a line of fragrances that are inspired by New York City. I received Parc de 59, inspired by Central Park! It's a fresh green scent with notes of green tea and florals. It isn't my usual type of scent, but it actually smells really nice. I'm impressed with the level of fragrance for a solid perfume, too.

AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact - This is a really cool product - it moisturizes and has high SPF as well as having coverage. This is something I would have been really excited about, had it been in a wearable shade! Unfortunately, I received a shade far too dark and yellow for my pale skin.

As you can see, it's just not a match. However, I applied it and it feels nice! So while I won't be wearing this sample, there is a chance I'd buy it in an appropriate shade.

In all, I don't think this box is terrible by any means, but I just don't think it's very exciting. I would have expected a more exciting box for their anniversary! But the good news is, next month's box is a collaboration with Dallas Shaw, and it looks amazing.

What was in your Glossybox this month?

Starlooks Starbox - May 2013

I'm a little late with this one, as I got it last week...but better late than never! As this is my favorite sub, I couldn't let it go unposted.

Starlooks is a monthly sub service that sends out three or four full sized makeup items from their line. The products are amazing quality and the customer service is phenomenal. They are a fun company and I love this sub every single month!

This month, Starlooks went with a tribal theme. The thing I love about this sub is that they send me shades I'd never buy, and I end up loving them. This month is no exception!

The packaging this month was extra cute! I'm keeping this one to organize...something. I love the fact that they change the box each month to complement the contents. This month, we got three products and a bonus!

This is an Eyebrow Shader Compact. It is intended to help fill and sculpt your brows, regardless of their color! These are slightly less pigmented than their eyeshadows, and as such, can be worn as shadows as well. I love this as I have very few neutrals, and I admit that my brows are severely neglected. I'm really happy to try this out!

This is a Pigment luster in Cinnamon Toss! It's a gorgeous loose pigment in a golden brown, almost olive shade. It is super pretty, pigmented but not too much.

This cream blush in Emphasize is a dark brick red color. It looks intimidating but goes on nice and sheer, and is buildable. It has a dewy moisturizing finish, and on my pale skin, it looks like a nice natural flush. This is a color I never would have picked out for myself, but I have absolutely fallen in love with it!

This month, the bonus is a mini file in a cute tribal pattern! I am excited to have a mini to keep in my bag!

Altogether, this box has a value of $55 and I am very happy with it! Every single item will be used, as usual. I've already worn everything a few times, actually! I've swatched the blush and luster, since they look a bit intimidating in pan.

Here is the Emphasize cream blush. The top is a single swipe, and on bottom is a swipe blended out. As you can see, it is super wearable even on my pale skin. 

And here is the pigment luster in Cinnamon Toss, applied in a single heavy line and then blended down, so you can see how it can be dramatic or a sheer shimmery veil. So pretty!

Here's a quick basic look I wore using the brow kit (lighter two shades on my lids), pigment luster (blended into my crease), and blush ( on my cheeks, and I had the blush dabbed on my lips, as well!) Not so intimidating when worn!

As always, I'm loving my Starbox. Have you tried Starlooks yet?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Glamour Doll Eyes OTM - May 2013

This is my second month of Glamour Doll Eyes's OTM program. Each month, they send out a shadow (OTM = of the month) which is available only as a part of the subscription. Sometimes, other goodies are included as bonuses.

I have about a dozen GDE shadows, but I always missed out on the OTMs (slots are very limited, they open once a month and sell out super quickly) so I was so excited when I snagged a spot last month. This month is even better!

This month's pouch is super cute, and has already found its way into my bag.

Along with the usual shadow and candy, this month we got a bonus new product - a blush! And two sample baggies from an upcoming collection.

(sorry it's upside down...but you get the idea). The blush is called Risky Business, and it is described as a soft to medium pink with subtle gold shimmers. The shadow is S&M, a dark purple (almost black) with blue and green sheen and silver shimmers.

The two samples are called Facade and Fearless, and they are from the upcoming Matte Masculine collection.

The blush is SUPER vibrant and pigmented, and is a gorgeous shade. The shadow is nice and sparkly!

Products swatched over a clear primer:
Risky Business blush
S&M shadow
Facade shadow
Fearless shadow.

Impressed as ever with GDE's products, I'm really happy with this month. What do you think of these colors?

Birchbox: May 2013 - Beauty Diaries

Birchbox went with a theme of "Beauty Diaries" this month. I'll admit, I don't really "get" the theme, but hey, no big deal. I generally find the themes of these boxes to be kind of arbitrary, anyway!

I received six products this month - five beauty products and a lifestyle extra!

First is a Color Contrast eyeliner mini by Sumita. I have to admit, I was a little bummed by this - Birchbox had said in their preview video that they were sending out fun colored liners, which I was super excited about, and of course I ended up getting black. Boring! However, the liner feels soft and smooth and I think it will be great, so I'll just enjoy the travel size to put in my makeup bag. If it is long lasting, I might go ahead and buy myself some of the colors!

This is Marvis Classic Mint toothpaste. I have been curious about this for a long time! It is imported from Italy and promises a strong peppermint flavor. I know fancy toothpaste seems like a weird thing to get excited about, but I've heard great things. Plus, the packaging is super cute!

This is Coola Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer. It is what it sounds like - a moisturizing sunscreen with the scent of cucumber. This has organic anti-aging ingredients, and it is a mineral sunblock (a physical one, not chemical!)  I am super white and burn incredibly easily so I am super happy to get this. I hate the way most sunscreens smell and this one smells pretty amazing and refreshing. I can't wait to try it out.

This is the Obliphica Nourishing Mask by amika. It is a super conditioning hair mask that promises to boost shine and repair damage. I love hair masks - my hair is thick and I abuse it with color and the flat iron, so this is very welcome in my box. It smells pretty amazing!

Isaac Mizrahi's FABULOUS is a blen

Ipsy Glam Bag: May 2013

This month, Ipsy did something different - they had bag variations (outside of the usual color products and possibly one either/or product)! This is the first month they attempted to use their "IpsyMatch" system to personalize bags. As we've seen with Birchbox, sometimes box variations can be good or bad. I'm interested to see how they implement this!

This month's bag had a theme of "Spring Fling" and it was full of fitting products for the theme.

I got a really great bag this month! There is only one item I am not satisfied with, I also received a bonus item this month for being an active community member. Score!

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Moonspoon - This is my extra item. It is a mega glittery silver shadow. It's so pretty! The glitters are super fine and it manages to look sophisticated while still being insanely sparkly. Love it.

Yaby Concealer in Pecan - This is the item I am dissatisfied with. Not because I don't think it's a good product, but because I am very fair and they sent me the darkest shade, so I can't even try it. I contacted them and asked about the possibility of getting a fitting shade, but got only a "sorry you're not satisfied" email, which is kind of lame. I definitely think their IpsyMatch system needs to be tweaked, because things like concealers and foundations are pretty specific and it's just a waste of product to send someone a shade they could never use. But, at least it's a small part of the bag.

Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss - This is an organic gloss with a sheer pinky shade. I have used and loved Juice Beauty's skincare items, so I was happy to get this gloss. It smells great - kind of like a chocolate orange, and it is not at all thick and sticky. I'm enjoying it!

Pacifica Perfume Rollerball in Island Vanilla - This is a great scent....I love vanilla! It describes itself as a blend of sweet vanilla, honey-jasmine, a bit of fruitiness, with a tea base. To me, it smells like warm, grown up vanilla. I definitely want to try some more of Pacifica's scents.

Zoya Nail Polish in Blu - I already have and love many Zoya polishes - it is by far my favorite brand. Blu is a very pale blue creme. It's a super pretty color, great for summer...and while I don't usually like cremes much, preferring shimmers, the formula is great and I'm happy with it.

Pacifica Luminizing Body Butter - This is a coconut scented body butter with crushed pearls for shimmer! I am fussy about coconut scents, but this one is great! It doesn't smell like tanning lotion, as I smells warm and sweet and vanilla-like. The shimmer is nice and subtle. I'm really loving this!

Here's the yaby concealer - it is very dark and yellow while I am pale and pink. Sadly, not useable for me even for contouring. 

Top is the Juice Beauty lipgloss - it looks very natural on. 
Bottom is the Urban Decay in Moonspoon - you can't tell in photos just how pretty and sparkly this is!

Overall, I think this is an amazing bag, and if they can work out the skin matching issues, I think the system might be really nice.

If you want to try out Ipsy's new system, feel free to use my referral link!

What did you get this month?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Starlooks Birthday Box - 2013

I just had a birthday in April, so I received a surprise from Starlooks! On the month of your birthday, they send you an extra box of goodies, for free!  They change up the goodies each year, so you won't receive the same birthday box twice.

I received mine a few days ago!

It comes with a cute little birthday card and three items.

The first item is an eye pencil in Onyx. It's a basic black pencil liner, and it's a really nice one! It's nice and soft and creamy, I'd say it rivals my UD one that I have been using. Pigmentation is great, and it lasted all day. I can now throw out a few of the other black liners I have lying around. Awesome!

This is a lip pencil in Kinky! It's a pretty red, nice and vibrant. The liner is also smooth and creamy and long lasting. I didn't have a red liner, so I'm pretty excited to get this!

And, they sent the matching lipstick! This isn't quite as orange as it photographs, it's a beautiful color. Super creamy and it was long lasting for me, as well. Makes me want to wear red lips more often!

Here are the three products swatched on my arm.

And here is the liner and lipstick being worn. Ignore my bare face and ghost skin.

Loving these items! I think it's pretty amazing of Starlooks to send out a free birthday box, even more so that it is three full sized items. My love affair with this company continues! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Glossybox: April 2013

April's Glossybox has a theme of "Work That Beauty".  It is all about feel-good products to help you work your natural beauty for spring and summer.  I do think a lot of the time, Glossybox's themes are kind of arbitrary, and the products don't have much to do with them. But, it sounds good, anyway!

I got my box yesterday...and I am pretty happy with it!

I always love Glossybox's packaging. Always so cute and feels like opening a present.

The first thing I noticed when opening my box was the strong minty coffee smell. Sadly, my Wash With Joe bodywash had leaked out all over the box. I was able to clean everything up, but unfortunately, there was not enough left in the bottle to try. They are supposed to be sending me a replacement, so I'm excited to try that. I love the scent of this! It seems like it would be great at waking you up in the morning...and the first ingredient is real coffee! Awesome.

This is a bath tea bag by Bvlgari. Honestly, I'm not that enthused about this, because I rarely take baths in my tiny apartment bath tub. However, I will save it to use after a particularly stressful day. This is the same scent as the Bvlgari soap they sent out a while back, and I actually enjoyed the scent, so maybe I'll love it!

This is a little bonus - and we got it in the January box as well. I loved it, so I am happy to get another packet. It's the Replenishing Daily Solution by Le Metier De Beaute. It's an amazing moisturizer, basically. But, it costs $225, so frankly these little samples are the closest I will be getting to it!

This is a texture spray by Alterna. It is meant to give you beachy waves. I have never had luck with these products before, as they just tend to make my thick, mostly straight hair look messy and kind of dirty, but I am certainly willing to try this one out! 

This is Tigi Glow blush in the shade Awaken. It is hard to photograph! It is actually a tangerine-ish color! Definitely on the orange side of pink. It is super pretty, and different than any blushes I currently have. They sent out 4 different colors this month, and while I initially wanted one of the others, I am now happy with having gotten this one!

Here it is swatched. Again, it is a bit more orangey in real life! 

This is an organic lip balm by The Honest Company. I got the sweet orange vanilla flavor and it's great! It smells just like a dreamsicle, and it feels nice and light. A great basic balm.

I used a code to get a bonus item, as well - a Zoya polish. This shade is Tracie, an avocado green with a pearly finish! I love pretty!

In all, I think this is a pretty good box, especially with the Zoya bonus! 

Here is 2 quick coats of Tracie. Seriously pretty and perfect for spring! I love Zoya so much.

Have you tried any of these items? What do you think of them?