Saturday, October 3, 2015

House of Usher Wax Museum wax tarts review

Okay, it's been ages since I posted. I had a long no-buy and a pretty stressful few months. But I have been trying tons of indie perfumes, bath and body, and makeup products and really want to get back to sharing them!

Today  I have my first indie wax melt purchase to share!

House of Usher Wax Museum is brand new, but the owner has been selling wax as part of her other company, Altitude Soap Co, for a while! I had never tried them, however, so this is my introduction!

I ordered a Halloween wax box, but that won't ship for a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I made a small order just to try them out and see how the quality is, etc. Also, I am a huge Edgar Allen Poe fan, so the theme did me in!

I ordered on the 29th and it arrived today, the 3rd. I was impressed by the fast shipping, and it was all safely packaged in a padded envelope with plenty of packing paper protecting it!

There were five items available in the shop at the time I ordered, so I grabbed one of each. She lists items as she makes them, so you'll want to check the shop often to see what she has in! Only listing what she has ready lets her have a very fast turnaround time, so I love that.

With my order, she included this little owl from First Sunday Handmade. It's a DIY air freshener! There's a little piece of cork attached to the back, and you can put your favorite oil or perfume on the cork and use it like you would a hanging air freshener. Super cute and cool!

This is the owl wax melt in the scent Blueberry Cornbread. This is about twice the size of the normal tarts at 3 oz. It's so cute! The Blueberry Cornbread scent is amaaaaazing. Seriously, it scented my whole mailbox. It smells like sweet corn muffins with blueberries and it made me so hungry my stomach actually started growling. I think this is my favorite scent of the bunch and I will probably look for this scent every time I order!

The 3oz size is a bit big for my warmer, so I cut a chunk off to melt. The smell is nice and strong with a great throw - it scented my room, and the two adjacent rooms! Super impressed.

 Look how cutely the normal tarts are packaged! All tied up with a seasonally appropriate bow. I am a sucker for cute little touches like that!

The first one is apparently one of her older scents, as it has the Altitude label! Pineapple Upside Down Cake smells very much like it's namesake - pineapple, caramelized sugar, and cakiness. It's so pretty, and I will update this post when I melt it!

 Strawberry Pie is one I was a little hesitant about - I love strawberries, but I hate how most berry scents have that fake plasticky smell. This one is great! It actually does smell like a strawberry pie! It is more of a bakery type scent (mmm, pie crust) than a fake fruit one, and I can't wait to melt it.

French Toast is so pretty! I was a little worried it would be too heavy on maple syrup, but it's not! It smells like nice, custardy, cinnamon topped french toast. This one will be great to melt in the morning!

 And finally, Warm Vanilla Nutmeg. This one smells so yummy - it reminds me of a good vanilla chai! Very warm and autumnal smelling. This made me crave some chai, and I think I'm off to make some, now!

I am so pleased with my first order from House of Usher Wax Museum. Everything was neatly packaged and smells amazing! If you are a fan of melting wax tarts, I definitely recommend these. They are a step above those store bought ones. I know I'll be making many more purchases.

What are your favorite wax tarts?