Friday, January 25, 2013

Starlooks Starbox - January 2013

It's been a pretty blah week, so I was ecstatic to wake up to my Starlooks Starbox this morning!

Starlooks is quite possibly my favorite sub. The products are so high quality, and it's great to get an all makeup box (sometimes with tools!)

I love that they change up the box color every month. This one is super pretty...and since emerald is the color of the year, always happy to receive some greens!

This month includes four items and a bonus! Loving the bright colored packaging.

This cute green beaded bracelet is a bonus. It comes from Abby Rose Designs. It's a wrap bracelet, so it will fit everyone, and it's super cute.

This is a blush in the shade Cuty Peach. It's such a pretty color! Not as dark as it photographs, it's a lovely peach with just a hint of gold shimmer. It feels super soft and silky. Really excited about this!

This is a Diamondline pencil in the color Fancy. It's a beautiful metallic, shiny light green. It's freakin' gorgeous, and nice and soft. I can't wait to wear it. You can wear it alone or mixed or layered with other shades.

And this is an eyeliner in brown. A basic brown pencil is always welcome, and this one looks and feels  really nice. They say you can layer it with the Diamondline for a pretty olive color, so I'll definitely have to try that.

We also got a brush this month! A soft small dome fluff, which is great for all kinds of eye-related tasks. The brush is nice and feels well made, and of great quality.

The brush isn't too fluffy, which I love (I have an abundance of fluffy brushes at the moment) and it is a great shape and sizeAnd I actually don't have a brush shaped exactly like this so I'm more than happy to get may even be my favorite thing in the box.

And the quartz crystal they always include is there, too (after a hiatus last month, due to the size of the palette). I think this is a pretty amazing box, and with a retail value of $63, definitely an amazing deal. So excited to wear my pretty new colors! 

Have you tried Starlooks yet? If not, you should!

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