Sunday, March 18, 2012

Traveling Sample Box

Several of us on the Makeup Talk forums were talking about how great it'd be to start a circular swap box for beauty samples, as we have so many sitting around we don't want or need, and it'd be a fast and efficient way to get rid of those and try new ones.  So, I started a group to get this organized!

Here's how these work:

We'll pick someone to start the box (this is usually someone with a LOT of samples to contribute).  They will pop everything they want to send in a flat rate box, make a list of what's in there, and send it to the next person on the list.  The next person will take out what they want and do the same, crossing off what they take and adding their contributions.  This will continue until the last person on the list gets the box, then they will send it back to the first person.  The first person can use anything unwanted they receive for the next round of boxes. 

Go here and join the group if you're interested in participating. It should be fun!


Cassie Bragg said...

This Idea is so cool! Would you consider involving |Canadian Ladies?
I found you through the Monday Beauties BlogHop! I'm following via GFC, I hope you check out my blog!

yousoldtheworld said...

I think this first one will likely be US only, JUST because we're still working out the kinks and the details.  If all goes well, though, we will likely be doing this on a semi-regular basis, and I'd love to include you and other canadian lovelies :)

Myminibag said...

This is a very smart idea. Maybe I will give this a try after I receive my first sample box.

Thanks so much for sharing. New follower from the blog hop.

glamourdolleyes said...

I am so mad I missed out on this ):

yousoldtheworld said...

We were surprised to get so much response so quickly!  We kept this first round smallish so we could work out the kinks and figure out the most efficient way of doing it, but hopefully this will happen again after this first round of boxes finish, and if all goes well we can have more boxes and participants.