Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review: Redken all soft argan-6 multi-care oil

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try Redken's argan oil product, and I jumped at the chance.  Argan oil (also known as moroccan oil) is all the rage lately, and people are raving about its miraculous effects on dry, damaged hair.

all soft is the consistency of a serum and promises to "intensely nourish and protect dry, brittle hair" and "provide concentrated softness and deep conditioning, and lasting suppleness", which sounds great to me.  According to Redken,

This one luxurious oil has six amazing uses for achieving silky softness: before you shampoo to moisturize, before you blow-dry to protect, after you blow-dry to smooth, on dry hair to enhance shine, added to treatments to soften or overnight to recondition.

My hair has always been a bit on the dry side, and while I try to baby it and I avoid heat styling, it is color treated and can always use a bit of help.  I decided to first use it to smooth and add shine, so I applied it after shampooing and towel drying.  Now, my hair tends to be a product hog - it is thick and about 6 inches past my shoulders, so it really soaks up most products.  This one, however, goes a long way!  Just one pump was enough for me to massage into my damp hair.

My hair felt noticeably softer as it dried!  The cuticles felt smooth, and my hair felt amazing without feeling at all greasy.  I pulled it into a loose ponytail and went to work, and actually got several compliments at work - my coworkers said my hair looked super shiny and healthy.  I was impressed!

Since then, I have tried this product before shampooing, on dry hair, and as an overnight treatment, and I can honestly say it performs well at all of these tasks!  I have been using this nearly daily for a month, and you can see from the above photo that I have plenty of product left.  This is my first time trying argan oil, and I can totally understand the hype now.

This is a 3 oz bottle and it seems to retail for about $19 in my area.  In my opinion, it is well worth the price, especially if you have hair that is prone to dryness.  I will definitely be buying this in the future, and I am interested in trying the rest of the all soft line, as well!

Rating:  5/5 stars.

*Disclaimer - I received a product free of charge for review.  I was not compensated, and my opinions are my own.


Angie B. said...

I have splurged on Redken products in the past and I've never been disappointed. I haven't heard of this particular Redken product yet though but will have to check it out next time I'm at the salon because my hair tends to be on the dry side also. 

yousoldtheworld said...

It really is a great product!  I love Redken, BUT it tends to be out of my regular budget so it's a once in a while splurge for me (I usually get some of the real control products) but I'll be buying this again!  I also want to try the real soft shampoo and conditioner!