Monday, March 26, 2012

Sindulge - March box.

Sindulge is a brand new company.  Based in California, they offer deluxe handpicked beauty samples delivered monthly, just like other sample companies.  However, Sindulge offers something a little different - a live consultation prior to sending out your samples.  You can do this via video or text chat with one of several beauty advisors.  It's a pretty cool idea - theoretically, you can tell them the things you want, need, and dislike, and receive a package that fits you each month. Sounds great to me.

However, they've had a pretty rocky start, due to technical issues and shipping issues. Often, people were unable to schedule their consultations, time zone differences caused problems, and there was no way to manually change or reschedule your consultation time, and it made this first month a pretty discouraging one for many potential customers. However, they do seem to be working out the kinks and they now offer the option for an email consult, which helps with scheduling conflicts.

After seeing some really great bags and some pretty blah ones, I wasn't expecting much.  I think they got a higher demand than they expected, and weren't prepared for such a large volume of orders, and as such, the different products were limited.  When I opened my first bag today, I wasn't thrilled, but I wasn't horrified, either.

In my consultation, I told her I loved bright colors, all eye makeup, and lip balms and glosses. I told her I have sensitive skin so prefer not to receive many skincare samples, and that I do not wear foundation.  It's hard to tell if my consultation was listened to, as I received mostly the same samples as others have, and one different one.

I do find the packaging cute.  Inside the box, there's a little cardboard bag, about the size of a makeup bag.  It has a ribbon strap and I think it's a nice difference from the usual mesh bags or square boxes we're used to.  

I'll probably save this to keep samples I plan to put up for trade in, it's not too big and it stands up on its own.  I didn't take a picture of the inside of the pouch, but the products were covered with a sheet of red tissue paper. 

The first thing I pulled out was this Youngblood Mineral Primer.  According to Youngblood, this primer is to be used after cleansing to lock in moisture and after makeup application to set mineral foundation.  The full size retails for $41.  Nearly everyone I've seen has gotten this primer and it does not sound like a bad product...but I did tell her that I do not wear foundation, so I personally don't have much of a use for it.  That said, I'll give it a shot after cleansing and see if it really does lock in moisture.

Secondly, I found the pixie Eye Bright Primer.  This is supposed to fill in lines, and work like a magnet to hold eye makeup in place all day, and keep your lids matte and crease free.  It retails for $18 for the full size.  I did tell her that I was interested in an eye primer, so I am happy with this sample.  I do wish it was a bit larger, but I am glad to give it a shot.

I then pulled out these fauxlash lashes.  These are the Audrey style, found in the Natural line, and they retail for $16.  These are pretty and delicate and look like they'd be nice and fluttery on.  I don't wear falsies, though - I'm just not coordinated enough to apply them properly.  They will be great to trade, though, and this makes me think that they did listen when I said I like to play up my eyes.

This is Bella Rosa calming skin creme.  It is an oil free creme that is aloe vera based, and ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive.  At first I was a little annoyed that I got this, due to my sensitive skin, and I thought the scent was too heavy for my skin.  However, I found that the texture of the creme was actually very light, and while the smell was strong, it was due to the damask rose water used to make it.  I'm not a huge rose fan, but I decided I will give this a try (and I know my mom will love it if I don't).  The full size retails for $88.  (Note: I did end up giving this to my mom).

This rolled out and I didn't notice it until a bit later, but Im glad I found it!  This is the pixie Endless Silky Eye Pen in Black.  This is a long-wearing, no transfer eye pen that is supposed to give the effect of a liquid liner, but apply like a pencil.  It retails for $14 for the full size (not sure if that is bigger than this or not).  Pictured is the liner after a full sharpen, as I broke the tip off when I opened it.  It does go on smooth, rich, and dark.  I do wish I had gotten this in a color, but I will use it and I feel it adds to the value of this bag by a LOT.

Overall, I think this is an okay bag.  I wish I had gotten some color instead of the mineral primer that I don't need, but it is their first month.  I'll give them another month to impress me.  If you want to give the a shot, sign up at  :)

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