Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beauty Box 5 - March Box

I got my second Beauty Box 5 today!  I do think this month's box is better than last's, and I will be using everything in it.

This box has a decent value, and it DOES contain a makeup item, which is always a plus!  Here's everything, all unboxed.

I got a hair care item, three skin care items, and a makeup item.  At least there's a little variety there.

This is a lavera Mango Milk hair treatment for colored hair and color protection.  I do have color treated hair and I love hair treatments, so I'll be trying this one sometime this week.  It retails for $17.50 for a pack of 5, so this is a  $3.50 value. From the site:
While Mango Milk Hair Treatment is very beneficial for color-treated hair (protecting color from fading), this intensive conditioner is perfect for all hair types. It will not weigh down fine locks, yet easily penetrates coarse and dry hair. Lavera Mango Milk Hair Treatment is a thick and rich remedy for hair in need of repair.

This is a Freeman anti-stress mask with Dead Sea minerals. From the site:
This anti-stress mud mask enhanced with Dead Sea Minerals instantly absorbs excess oil while clarifying and purging pores. Rinse away the mask to reveal smooth, radiant, healthy looking skin. Perfect for oily and t-zone skin types prone to breakouts.
  I'm generally not super into Freeman masks (though I don't mind them) but if this works, it does sound like something I could definitely use.  Around here, these sachets retail for about $2, while the full size retails for $3.99.

This is an eye tint from Becca in the color Vicune.  I have not heard of this brand, but I'll definitely try this.  It's a golden champagney shade and the consistency is light and creamy with a fair amount of shimmer.  I tried to swatch it, but it didn't show up terribly well on my crappy webcam, though that's typical.
This eye tint is full sized and retails for $24 !  From the site:
An ingenious eye crème with a unique formulation that glides on as a crème and sets to a powder. This long-lasting, water-resistant, crease-resistant tint is easy to apply, offering adjustable levels of sheer to high pigment colour.
 I'll definitely be using this, as I love eye makeup, and I'm glad I got this lighter shade.

While many others got an eyeliner this month, I got this serum.  This 4 ml mini serum retails for $15 and is natural and free of parabens, which I like.  I have a lot of serums, so I don't know when I'll try this, but I'm sure I will at some point!  From the site:

True Natural Spa has your prescription for naturally glowing, youthful looking skin. Our Advanced Lift & Firm Serum improves skin clarity to immediately lift, firm and moisturize with all natural ingredients, tested for effective results while being gentle on your skin.
As I'm currently on a  quest to incorporate more natural, healthy products into my life and eliminate more and more nasty chemicals, this will probably come in handy for me.

And finally, the pur-lisse  pur-delicate gentle soy milk cleanser and makeup remover.  This is 1.7 oz, and the full size retails for $36, making this about an $11 value.  From the site:
Appreciate your skin, don’t irritate it. Cleanse away the day with this gentle, non~irritating blend of Soy Milk, Soy Proteins, Whole Oat and White Tea. A mild soap~free, non~foaming cleanser that respects the delicate nature of your skin. Leaves your face touchable and silky soft, without a trace of impurity. 
This seems nice and gentle and I love the size of the bottle, perfect to keep in my work bag in case I need it. (Yes, with my job, I do sometimes have to wash my face at work.  Perk of working in healthcare, I guess.)

So, all in all, this is a decent box with a value of about $55, which I can't complain about!  I have canceled Beauty Box 5 for now, due to budget needs, but I wish I didn't have to, and I would definitely consider re-subscribing in the future.


Connie said...

WOW you give some really good reviews here, very informative.

I'm interested in the Becca eye tint if it covers eye circles at all?  Or just brightens it & you still need concealer? 

& do you know any hair treatment or shampoo/conditioner that helps with frizzy fluffy hair? LOL I tried almost everything to no result and I hate to have it straighten like every yr!

I'm following you :)  Pls follow back if you like my blog too?  *HUUGGS*

yousoldtheworld said...

First, thanks and I've followed you as well.

2nd, the eye tint is more of a light sheer eyeshadow...I definitely think it is too thin and sheer to cover circles.

I always liked Redken Real Control shampoo and conditioner and treatments to help control my frizzies and fluffiness.  Herbal Essences Tousle Me Gently also seems to leave it sleek and shiny...BUT your best bet is probably treatments!

I recently tried an argan oil treatment for the first time and LOVED it, it really smoothed and calmed my hair.  I have the Redken all soft one, but I know lots of companies make argan oil products.  THere's also a hair elixir called Orifluido that I've seen many girls swear by, but I haven't tried that one yet. :)

glamourdolleyes said...

Hi Michaela! Just wanted to let you know I tagged you to do the Get To Know Me Tag! :)

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