Thursday, June 14, 2012

Little Black Bag - June bag #1

If you couldn't tell from my last post about Little Black Bag, I am officially addicted. I won't go too much into detail about Little Black Bag here, but if you want to know the details check out my first post about it!

Basically, it's a subscription service for accessories that offers at least $100 of handbags, accessories, and jewelry (and more) for about $50. You choose your main item and are able to spend up to a week trading your items with other members until you're happy with your bag. It is an amazing service and I am in love with it!

I actually ended up getting two bags this month (and I may or may not have opened a 3rd...)! Here is the first.

The box itself was smaller with this order, since I got small items in this one. This probably made my mailman happy...I swear he is going to hang me from the ceiling, one day. I still think their mailing boxes are the absolute cutest.

My items in this bag were wrapped up into two separate little packages. I'm forgetful, so I only photographed the first. I love that everything is always well wrapped. They are good about securely bubble-wrapping delicate items.

This is the item that I chose, and I held onto it. It's a small skull bracelet by Ali Khan. I absolutely love this bracelet! It's so cute, and I love that it's not too big, but still has a bit of an edge. It's easily adjustable and feels good and sturdy and well made. I've not wanted to take it off. This adorable bracelet retails for $24.

This is something I traded hard for - the wing ring, also by Ali Khan (I fell a little in love with Ali Khan this month!) It's hard to tell in pictures, but this ring is gorgeous and well made. I wore it yesterday and got several compliments on it just in a single trip to the grocery store. It's a stretch ring, so it fits nicely and I'm really happy with it. It retails for $22.

This is a little different from my usual style, but I absolutely adore it. It's the house necklace by Betsey Johnson. It's big and super long (goes to mid tummy on me!) and the details are adorable. I love the solid chain and the little charms on it.

The bottom of the house opens and there are little sleeping people inside! So freaking cute. Obviously this isn't going to be a necklace I wear every day, but it's an amazing statement piece and I love it. It retails for $65. I was going to take a picture of it on so you could see the length, but it just didn't play nicely with the cowl neck dress I am wearing, so that will have to wait for another day!

These are 5 different products, but since they're the same brand and similar, I decided to simplify and photograph them together. These are perfume rollerballs (and lip screen) by Lavanila. The perfumes are, in order, Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Lavender, Vanilla Coconut, and Vanilla Passionfruit. 

The lip screen is SPF 30 and has a vanilla mint scent to it. 

I love perfumes, and these rollerballs are a great size for both my purse and my vanity. I also love that they are natural and free of harmful chemicals. They smell really good and have true vanilla scent, not the artificial cookie-like scent. 

The lip screen is nice and smooth and has a great texture to it. It doesn't have a gross taste like other lip screen products I've tried have. The rollerballs are $19 each, and the lip screen is $16.

And finally, another Ali Khan ring! This is the double stone feather ring. This is so gorgeous in person! The stones sparkle in the light, and it feels nice and sturdy. This is another stretch ring. It retails for $25.

How the three Ali Khan pieces look on. I love the stretchy rings that allow you to wear them on whatever finger you choose. So pretty and fun!

In all, I'm really excited about this bag! I love everything I received, and I really got into trading with this one and ended up with things I really wanted. This bag has a retail value of $228!

If you love accessories and haven't yet tried Little Black Bag, I definitely recommend it. Just be forewarned that it is incredibly addictive, and your wallet will probably hate you. But maybe you have more self control than I do! Here's my referral link!

Pictures of my 2nd bag will be up soon, as well!


Ashley said...

I really think I'm going to break down and get one of these lol I got the klout perk the other day for it too. I've been looking for a good bag on the site but haven't found one I like so I might be able to hold out a bit longer. The jewelry you picked up is so cute I would wear those.

yousoldtheworld said...

I am so in love with the Ali Khan jewelry! I got another ring in the bag I'm about to post and I can't decide which one I like best.

I know what you mean about the bag. Check early every Monday because they add new things every Monday morning and the really nice bags tend to go fast! :)