Friday, June 29, 2012

GlossyBox - June 2012

By now, most of you have probably heard of GlossyBox. They've been around in many other countries for a while and are probably the best known subscription service. They just launched in the US a couple of months ago, though, so they're still a new service for us!

I waited for a bit sign up, wanting to make sure the boxes seemed like they'd be worthwhile. This month, I finally took the plunge!

GlossyBox, like other services, sends out around 5 beauty samples a month. GlossyBox promises truly deluxe samples of both US brands and worldwide. The US GlossyBox does promise at least one full sized product per box! It is more expensive, though, at $21 a month. They have begun to send out different box variations as of this month, so I'm really interested to see if the beauty profile plays a part with this one.

Here's my June box!

I love the outer packaging - so cute and different with the little GlossyBox logo all over it.

Inside, I found this GlossyMag. It's basically a beauty and trend guide. This one has the theme of "Summer's Natural Beauty" and I'm excited to really look through it. I think this is a nice addition to the box.

LOVE these boxes. So pretty and sturdy and perfect for storage.

Cute! The card tells me that this month's theme is Summer Simplicity. This month's GlossyBox is meant to allow you to treat yourself to lush products to revitalize your face, pamper your body, enrich your locks, and add an aroma of summer notes. Sounds good to me!

Ooh, there's quite a bit of stuff in here...

The first thing I pulled out was this perfume sample by A Perfume Organic. The scent is Urban Organic - it is fresh and citrusy, with notes of grapefruit, lavender, lemon, bourbon, lime peel, basil, ginger, and vetiver. This is a certified organic product. It's not my usual type of scent, but it smells nice! The vial is tiny, but it's a bonus item and not a main one, so I certainly don't mind. The full size retails for $65 for .41 oz.

This is a skincare trio by VBeaute! Included is a brightening serum, an everyday creme, and an eye creme. I love skincare, and I am super excited to try these. These are definitely luxury products - the full sized products retail for $150, $135, and $85. Definitely out of my general price range, but I can't wait to try them out.

This is the thing I'm most excited about in this box! It's a Mineral Botanic Hibiscus & Fig Velvet Cream Wash. It includes dead sea minerals and it smells amaaaazing, sweet and fresh. Plus, the sample size is huge - 3 oz! This retails for $16.50 for 6.8 oz. Cannot wait to try this out.

This is my full sized product this month! It's OFRA Cosmetics Eye Shadow ICE cream shadow. It actually has the primer built in. The texture is great and creamy and it has some major staying power - I swatched some on my hand and even after only a few seconds, had a hard time getting it off! My only complaint about this is the color - I'm not sure how or when I'll wear a black cream shadow. I might try it out as a cream liner and see how that works for me! This retails for $14.95.

This is the Enrich Moisturizing Treatment by Wella Professionals! I've tried and enjoyed Wella skincare, so I'm excited to try their haircare as well. This promises to create free flowing hair and contains silk extract. My hair has been dry lately, so I'm excited to see what this does for me. This retails for $12 for 5.07 oz.

And finally, another great sized sample - First Aid Beauty Smooth Shave Cream. This is gentle and unscented and it feels nice and creamy. I've managed to scratch and bruise my legs all up this week, so I'm excited to see how truly gentle this is. The full size retails for $16.50 for 6.8 oz.

In all, I'm very happy with my June GlossyBox. I love the product sizes and the variety...I got something for the face, something for the hair, something(s) for the body, a makeup item, and a fragrance. That kind of range is what has been missing from some of my other subs lately. I am impressed enough with this box to keep subscribing for a while - and if the boxes stay this good, I will likely say goodbye to some of my other subs.

So, have you tried GlossyBox yet? What do you think of it?


Amy said...

Ahhh, that box is freaking amazing. I seriously cannot wait to get mine. I was so about to cancel, but I dunno...this is such a great box!!

Ashley said...

I couldn't resist peaking! This looks like a good box can't wait for mine to get here.

yousoldtheworld said...

There are box variations this month, so maybe you'll still get a surprise! :)

yousoldtheworld said...

There are at least a couple of box variations, so I'm excited to see if you get the same one! :)

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite one out of the few I've seen for this month so far. I'm hoping I get the same except a different color eyeshadow.

Becca said...

I'm like Ashley, I just couldn't resist peeking either. It looks like great stuff, but I'm still not sure about Glossybox. $21 is so expensive for a sub service. I loved last month, but it just doesn't give me that same excitement I get from Birchbox. I'm thinking I may rather just take that $21 and spend it at Lush. On the fence, but maybe I'll feel differently once I get my box. I definitely don't like that you have to basically cancel before even getting your box since they charge so early and ship so late :-/

yousoldtheworld said...

I definitely know what you mean! It is pretty expensive.

For me, right now, it's worth it because I no longer get that excitement that I used to get from Birchbox (last month it was literally like they read my mind and picked the absolute worst items they could for me, and the couple months prior to that have been lackluster too).

After the July box ships, I'll be canceling Birchbox and The Look Bag, so Glossybox is about the same cost as the two together...and so far I'm getting as much enjoyment as I do from the two together, as well.

I do agree with you on the shipping...I like that the box comes later in the month, because most of my other stuff comes earlier, but I wish they'd charge closer to shipping time!

Nora said...

Hi, I really like your posts, but i sometimes have a hard time figuring out how big the sampls are. So i suggest that you put the sample next too something we all have in our home, for example, a coffee mug :)

yousoldtheworld said...

I can definitely try to do that. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

Amy said...

I got the exact same box as you, right down to the color of the Ofra!