Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Little Black Bag #5

I know I just posted a bag a couple of days ago, but I have another one to share...ha.

A friend had a birthday today, and she was eyeing some speaker bags, so I thought a good choice for her would be one of the Fydelity bags from I got her a gift and got myself a couple of goodies as well!  I didn't have time to photograph the Fydelity tote (though it was cute and pink and she loved it...sound was good too), but here are the other two items I got for myself!

My favorite thing to find on my porch. Not only because it always has fun things inside, but because I'm moving soon and I need the boxes, dangit. 

The hat and mustache necklace by 'ZAD. It's not actually crooked, that's just the way it was sitting against my chest. I love this, it's so cute and funny. The quality is similar to other 'ZAD pieces, which is great for the price, in my opinion!

And this is the large buckle satchel by Street Level! LBB's site listed it as yellow, but the tag itself says "mustard" and that's a far better description. I love this bag. I had my eye on it and was excited to finally get my hands on it.

This is my first Street Level bag and I'm impressed with the quality! It feels soft and buttery like real leather (except for the lighter croc-like pieces...they are obviously a rougher texture, as intended...) The handles are sturdy and the hardware is as well.

I'm glad it came with a cross body strap, as I walk a lot and I love to be able to sling my bag on and forget about it.

This bag has several pockets, which I appreciate. These small pockets are on both sides, and they have a magnetic snap closure. 

There is a zip pocket on the back, as well.

The inside is super roomy. It has a zipper pocket on one side, and the main compartment is divided in half with another zipper pocket. The other side has two small cellphone sized pockets.

Love the cute polkadot lining, too! You can see how much space there is in there...a water bottle, some makeup bags, sunglasses, iPod, lotion, and still plenty of space. Yay!

And there it is, yet another LBB I'm happy with. Especially considering the Fydelity bag I got for a gift alone was worth the cost, so these were basically happy bonuses for me. And this is now my new favorite summer bag!


Sara Baker said...

Awesome pieces hun, such a cute necklace:)

Jessica Bailey said...

that bag is ridiculous. i love it!

yousoldtheworld said...

Oh man, it's so freakin' cute and soft and I'm in love with it! I switched all my stuff over about 10 minutes after I got it, lol :)

yousoldtheworld said...

Thanks! I love the necklace, too...I wore it to work last night and everyone thought it was adorable! :)