Monday, June 25, 2012

Little Black Bag #4!

Well, my addiction to Little Black Bag continues. I blame it on the fact that I had let my accessories collection get down to literally nothing over the last few years and Little Black Bag is just straight up ADDICTIVE.

If you don't know what Little Black Bag is, you can read about my first experience with it here.  If you haven't signed up yet, but think it sounds like fun, you can do so here (Note that this is my referral link!) If you sign up using my referral link, I'll get an extra item in my bag to play with.

So, all that said, here's what I scored this time. In my past 3 bags, there were several items that I would get in my bag and adore, and then trade away for other things. I would later regret trading these items. So, my goal for this particular bag was just to get those few items I had been regretting losing, and keep them. I succeeded!

This bag is comprised of a few smaller items, I didn't go for a handbag this time. No worries, I have a couple of those headed to me when I ship my current bag!

This Cargo eye quad in Toronto has been haunting me. I had it three times in my past bags and traded it  up every time. This was the number one item I absolutely had to get back with this bag.

And it is so freakin' GORGEOUS in person. It is more cool blue toned than it looks on the site, which I love! The shades are as smooth and creamy as the 3 other quads I have, and they go on perfectly. I love the two top shades, especially - the lighter one is a perfect icy silver blue, and the navy shade complements it perfectly. This is actually probably my favorite of the 4 quads I have gotten. Like the other Cargo quads, it retails for $30, and would be worth every penny even at full price.

This is another thing I regretted trading away - the 'ZAD dove necklace in silver. I love that it's a good size, but still quite delicate. I took a quick shot of it on with my crappy webcam so you can gauge the size. It's on a short chain, which is nice - most of my necklaces are longer, and I love shorter ones with delicate pieces.

It falls at a good length, easily visible with any style top (forgive my ratty pajamas...) So cute. This retails for $20.

I love owls, but I wasn't interested in this little owl necklace by 'ZAD until I saw a picture of it in person. It is SUPER tiny and delicate and sparkly...I had to have it. It is very small, the chain is actually a bit shorter than I'd ideally like...but it's cute enough that I'm keeping it. I've worn it several times and gotten lots of compliments.

LOVE (Again, forgive the ugly pajamas...). I wore this with a simple little black dress and it was adorable. Great subtle accent, and much needed in my jewelry collection, as I tend to go for louder pieces. This retails for $14.

After breaking my lone pair of sunglasses, I knew it was time to hold onto a pair on LBB. These are the square framed glasses by Betsey Johnson in the brown/tortoise color. I had a hard time deciding on the sunglasses I wanted, but went with these because I loved the color and the cute hot pink pouch. 

They feel nice and sturdy for plastic glasses, and they have Betsey logos at the temples. After trying them on, I do wish they were a bit wider - I prefer slightly larger frames for my face. However, I like them enough that I will be keeping them and wearing them regularly.

Yeah, I look like an idiot, but you get the idea. These cute glasses retail for $60.

In all, I am really happy with this bag! Though I didn't go for any big ticket pieces, I'm happy to finally get all of these things I've been trading away and regretting. The value of this bag is about $124 and they are all items I will be using. Hooray!

Have you joined yet? What are your favorite accessories for summer?


Lizzy Vigue said...

WOW! I love both of those necklaces!! Not so big on the shades but they are nice! That eyeshadow is gawgeous!!

Eugenia said...

Lovely bag!! I love this site!

Kellina's Thoughts said...

luv the necklaces!!

yousoldtheworld said...

Thanks, I love them too! I'm becoming a big fan of 'ZAD necklaces.

yousoldtheworld said...

Thanks, you always have great hauls, too! :)

yousoldtheworld said...

I'm still super in love with the necklaces, and Cargo has become my favorite eyeshadow. I am determined to collect the other four quads!