Sunday, April 15, 2012

Xan Confections chocolate review!

I freakin' love chocolate. So I was super excited when a friend gifted me a box of Xan Confections chocolates! I had never heard of the company before.  They are awesome! They're based in California, and they focus on sustainability and responsibility.  Many of their products are vegan. Those that do include dairy use milk from local cows not treated with harmful chemicals.  Their products use all-natural ingredients, and they use recyclable materials in their packaging, as well.  Basically, they're the kind of company I love to support.

I received a sampler box of the "Signature/Sins".  It includes 12 pieces - 2 each of 6 of their popular selections.  3 are from the Signature Collection, which are some of their most creative, indulgent chocolates. The other 3 are from the Saintly Sins collection. The Saintly Sins chocolates are all vegan, all gluten free, and have a low glycemic index, and they have only 29 calories each - basically, they're pretty darn healthy for chocolates. YAY.

When opening this box, the first thing I noticed was how cute the product is.

Love the packaging. I'm a sucker for anything tied up with a bow.  It included a little pamphlet that shows each of their gorgeous chocolates.

How cute are these?  Seriously, I almost hated to taste them.  They're so much prettier in person, too, with several being shimmery.

Closeup. So pretty.

How cute is that little butterfly?! And the little cappuccino?!

The first one I tried was the Banana Saintly Sin.  At first bite, I wasn't sure how I felt about it.  The filling is very obviously made with real bananas! After a moment, I decided I loved it.  These are different than most chocolates - when I hear raspberry or fruit filled, I think of those sugary cream centers.  These are more of a jelly!  They have a bit of fresh tanginess to them! Mmmm.

Love the combo of dark chocolate and banana.  

This is the raspberry sin.  Like the banana, it is dark chocolate with a raspberry jelly-like center!  I loved this one...the filling isn't too sweet and tastes of real raspberries.  And it's freakin' gorgeous!

I loved the oozy center.

This is the Cappuccino from the signature collection.  This one is so flavorful!  It has a caramel-like center, with a  bit of coffee flavor. The coffee bean on top is a great touch.  This one was absolutely delicious.

So many layers of flavor!

This was, hands down, my favorite in the box.  The Fleur de Sel caramel. I am a sucker for salted caramel, and this one does it right - soft, real caramel, dipped in dark chocolate with a smudge of sea salt. Simple, and amazing.  I will be ordering a full box of these, seriously.

I could cry because I don't have any more of these. :(

This one wins the "cutest in the box" prize!  It's the Vanilla butterfly, and it's so cute! The finish is shimmery light purple.  LOVED the filling, it has pieces of real vanilla bean and is more of a creamy filling.

Not artificial tasting at all, yum. I love vanilla.

This is the Strawberry sin, and it's probably the most unique in the box.  Like the other sins, it has a jelly-like filling...but this one has a bit of balsamic in it! I'm a sucker for balsamic vinegar, and I love a salad with balsamic vinaigrette with strawberries on it, so this is right up my alley. And it doesn't disappoint!  Real strawberry taste with a tang.  Mmm.

So pretty.

So, you can tell, I enjoyed these chocolates immensely, and I had the box polished off in just a couple of days!  This is definitely a company I feel good about supporting, and I recommend them.

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Those look so good and they sound like they tasted even better.