Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love With Food April box

I got my Love With Food box today!  I've posted about Love With Food before...basically it's a monthly food subscription service that provides gourmet food samples.  The coolest thing about them is that they donate a meal to hungry children for every box sold. April's theme was "Bunny Hop Into Spring", and everything in it looks awesome this month!

As always, it came with a cute little card talking about the theme and the contents. This month obviously has an easter theme to it.

It's always a good sign to open a box and see chocolate!

These are Organic Chocoate Fusions.  I got little buttons of four different flavors: Pina Colada Milk Chocolate, Masala Chai Milk Chocolate, Mayan Pepper Chai Dark Chocolate, and Midnight Mocha Extra Dark Chocolate.

I already ate the Pina Colada ones and they were good! Not overly pina colada-y and don't taste gross and cheap.  Can't wait to try the chai ones!

This is what I am most excited about in this box! Caramel Wrapped Pretzel Petites by Mom's Originals. Mmmm. Gourmet pretzels filled with a soft layer of caramel and dipped in milk or dark chocolate. I accidentally tore the wrapper of the dark one, so I took that as an excuse to just eat it...and it was good! The caramel is nice and soft and chewy, and the chocolate is good.  I would consider buying these!

Four Masala Chai Blend tea bags by Impra tea.  These are a blend of ceylon and green tea. I love chai, so I look forward to trying these.

Annie's Honey Bunny Grahams.  These are made from organic wheat. I always loved Teddy Grahams, so I'll have fun packing these in my lunch this week!

Ferrero Hazelnut Chocolate Eggs.  MORE CHOCOLATE!  I love Ferrero Rocher, so these have to be good.  I am fighting the temptation to eat them now...

So excited about these! The yellow is Meyer Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and the reddish is Rich Basil and Raspberry Vinegar, both by Oliovera.  I can't wait to try these over some greens.

Overall, this is a great box!  It will be my last month, as I just don't have the budget right now, but I am very pleased and will enjoy everything in the box.  I'll add more detailed reviews as I try them!


Stephanie J said...

Thanks for the post!! Those oils look amazing, you should review them after you try them :)

Rianne Cavage said...

This looks amazing! Once I find room in my budget I will have to try this one out for sure!

yousoldtheworld said...

I think there is still a code to get your first month free?  FBFAN maybe?  At any rate, I am so sad I can't afford to keep this one right now! :( 

yousoldtheworld said...

I was so excited about the oil and vinegar, I hope to try them at lunchtime tomorrow!

Ca4ole said...

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