Monday, April 9, 2012

Glamourdolleyes eyeshadow swatches.

I've been lusting afterglamourdolleyes shadows for months now, so I finally broke down and ordered some samples. (Strictly speaking, I had promised myself that I would not be buying any new makeup until I used up some of what I have...but samples don't count, right?)

They arrived super quickly, I was really impressed!  I ordered 8 sample baggies, and she threw in 2 free sample baggies with my order.  She also offers sample jars for a little bit more.

The samples came neatly packaged in a ziplock bag, along with business cards, a sticker, and a cute card that has a little tutorial for a look on it. Cute!

I love the colors offered, and it was hard for me to just pick a few.  I ordered the top 8, and the bottom two were my free samples.  There's not a single one I don't like!

I love that she labels each sample with whether or not the shade contained is lip safe and vegan.  Very handy, and I love that the bag itself is clearly labeled.

I did swatches of each color, but as with most nice pigments, it's hard to really capture them in a picture, ESPECIALLY the lighter shades.  I wasn't working with the best lighting here, every one of them is much more gorgeous in person. These have lots of nuance to them, and gorgeous pigmentation.  I was really impressed by the texture, as well.

The GDE site is down for a couple of weeks as she is out of town, so I can't include her descriptions of each shade.  I'll add them in when  I'm able!
 In order:  Glam Girl (a rich shimmery purple), Olivia Green (a matte pigmented dark green - to me it's between a grass green and a forest green), Aqua Foil (a shimmery aqua, so gorgeous), Dirty Jeans (the picture does not do this one justice, grayish blue that shines gold. One of my top two favorites!), Show Off (a shimmery bronzey brown).

 These below are lighter shades and hard to see in the photo, but BEAUTIFUL in person.
 Electric Lemonade (a super bright shimmery yellow), Juicy Mango (my other favorite! A coralish orange that shines pink, this is so gorgeous in person), Love Affair (a shimmery light pink, so cute), Graves in May (a pinky lavender with some depth and shimmer to it), and Girlfriend Sweater (this one is much more  eggplanty-purple than it looks in the pic, it is super pretty and SUPER pigmented).

Here is Juicy Mango and Dirty Jeans quickly swept on my eye (no primer or any other shade), I hoped it could show off some of the amazing color variation shimmer:

I have fallen in love with these shadows! I'll be buying some full sized ones very soon, and I would definitely recommend Glamourdolleyes to any of you.  Vee, the owner, is awesome as well, she ships unbelievably quick.  


Rianne Cavage said...

AHH! What are you doing to me? I'm trying to go on a spending ban and these look amazing!! haha Seriously though, all the colors are gorgeous. How many uses do you think you can get out of one sample bag?

yousoldtheworld said...

Quite a few, I'd say...these are super pigmented, so you only need a little amount.  I swatched AND put one of the colors on both eyes and there's barely any missing from the baggie.  ...and the sample baggies are only $1.25 each and the shipping is free, just sayin' :D

Jessica Lauren said...

 She's doing it to me too! I want to try her shadows so badly but I'm on a spending ban too. I guess a few samples wouldn't hurt though right... :)

yousoldtheworld said...

I have been lusting over them forever, I finally justified it when I had ten bucks refunded in my paypal account and rather than transfer it, I figured I might as well try some samples...samples totally don't count! They don't even take up any space, they all fit in a little ziplock and you barely notice 'em ;)