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Newman's Own Organics review

I was recently given the opportunity to sample some Newman's Own Organics products.  As I am trying to incorporate more natural and organic products into all areas of my life, I was extremely excited to do so!  I received the items and was absolutely shocked at how many products they sent me!  I was also surprised and excited at the ingredient lists - all things pronounceable, natural, and organic.

Newman's Own Organics is actually a separate company from Newman's Own.  It started as a part of the Newman's Own line by Nell Newman and her business partner in 1993, but it branched out on its own in 2001.  The idea of the company was to make great tasting products that just happened to be organic!

I received 7 packages (the full line) of their organic licorice, three packs of Newman-Os, two packs of Fig Newmans, two bags of other cookies (Vanilla alphabet and chocolate chip), two packs of dried fruit, five packs of chocolate cups, two types of pretzels, and four tins of mints. Wow.

The first thing I tried were these cookies.  The Alphabet Cookies are nice and crunchy. They have a light flavor and they aren't too sweet. They remind me a lot of animal crackers!  These would be great for a toddler - perfectly bite sized and the alphabet letters would be a fun way to work on spelling!

The chocolate chip cookies are good as well, I crunched some up on top of some ice cream!  These are small and great for packing in my lunch.

I received Newman-Os in Ginger n Creme, Hint-o-Mint, and Chocolate Creme.  These are reminiscent of the popular name brand sandwich cookie, but I think they are better!  I love the Ginger-Os...they aren't too sweet and have just a bit of ginger flavor.  I've never had anything like them before.

The Hint-o-Mint cookies are awesome, as well.  The mint flavor isn't too strong, but it is nice and refreshing.  I love the texture of these.

My mom's favorite item was the Chocolate Creme Newman-Os! They are tasty and chocolately, without the weird artificial flavor that other sandwich cookies tend to get in the filling.  All in all, we loved all of these and they will be going on our shopping list on a regular basis.

It's fairly obvious what cookies these are similar to. I received the low fat and fat free varieties, which made me happy - these are a great cookie for a healthy diet.  Not too sweet, soft and chewy.  I found the amount of figs in these cookies to be impressive!  I'll admit that I didn't share these! :)

I love dried fruit, so I was happy to get these.  The raisins were plump and juicy, and the apples were sweet and not too tough.  These make a great healthy snack and would also be awesome in some trail mix.

I had no idea what a hermit was. Well, I fell in love with these! They are old fashioned soft cookies. They are square, in bar form.  And these ginger ones are AWESOME.  They remind me of a cross between gingerbread and oatmeal raisin cookies!  They're soft and chewy with lots of raisins and lots of ginger and spice flavors.  These are another thing I didn't share!

These are the three "regular" licorice flavors.  They come in pomegranate, strawberry, and black.  I'm not a huge fan of black licorice, so I tried one piece and gave the rest to a black licorice loving friend.  I will say that the piece I tried was pretty good! It's not an overwhelmingly strong flavor.  The pomegranate ones are good and different.  The first bite reminded me a little of medicine, but it passes quickly and it's just a nice, fruity flavor. The strawberry ones are AWESOME.  They taste like real strawberry. They are good and chewy, and don't have a fake plastic-y taste like many brands.  I will be buying these!

I also got the four sour flavors! These were my favorite products of all and I can't wait to get more! I shared them with coworkers, and they loved them too!  The sour cherry tasted like black cherries, a very strong flavor and not too sour.  The mango were so good and different! They tasted very tropical.  The apple were surprising!  They were red and tasted like real apples! They were the favorite of my coworkers. I adored the sour strawberry - same real strawberry flavor as the regular, with just that little bit of sourness. Mmm!

These are the strawberry - love the natural flavor and coloring.

I got spelt and high protein pretzels. Both had a great flavor and crunchy texture, perfect for dipping!  We dipped them in mustard, in caramel, and in peanut butter. Yum.

I also got four tins of mints. I lost the picture of them, sadly, but I LOVED the tins!  I got them in peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, and wintergreen. The tins featured animals and are very cute - the cinnamon had a tiger (I LOVE TIGERS).  My favorite has to be the ginger mints...they are unique and taste very strongly of ginger!  They are great for soothing an upset tummy.

I also received five packs of different chocolate candy cups. These were devoured before I could photograph all of them, but I did get a quick cam shot of the dark chocolate peppermint cups. YUM.  I also received caramel cups in both dark and milk chocolate, and peanut butter cups in both dark and milk chocolate.  These things were amazing!  The caramel cups were soft and flowy and SUPER rich.  The peanut butter cups had that real natural peanut butter flavor that you don't find in the popular mainstream brand.  The peppermint ones were smooth and tasted of real peppermint!  The chocolate on all of these was rich and smooth and creamy.  These put the other candy cups to shame! They come with three cups to a package.

I was blown away by the taste and quality of these products. I definitely recommend them to anyone interested in trying more organic foods. I had no idea they offered such a large line of products, and now that I know, I will be buying them regularly.  They also make pet food and treats - as I have a dog and two cats, I'll definitely be looking into those products as well.

What are your favorite organic snacks?

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