Monday, January 13, 2014

Bonjour Jolie - January 2014

This is a new kind of box for me. Over the last year or so, several "time of the month" boxes have popped up. Some contain just the necessities (pads, tampons, pantiliners) while others offer a bit more variety. Bonjour Jolie is one of the latter!

I have been watching these boxes and considering trying one out. I don't go to the store all that often, and when I do, I often forget feminine necessities. They're just not that fun to buy! I started to really like the idea of having them delivered to me each month...and with the added benefit of some bonus items. But there were several of these services available, and I just didn't know what to choose. After seeing reviews of Bonjour Jolie for a few months, I decided to take the plunge and try it out!

Bonjour Jolie is a mother/daughter company, which I love! The idea is to take the pain out of your monthly period, both with necessary supplies and more fun, pampering items. It is $16 a month, plus shipping and handling. Mine ended up being about $21. It ships Priority Mail and you set to arrive in time for your period each month! You can change your items or your dates at any time simply by emailing them.

Each box has 4 "categories" of items: The supplies, The Edibles, The Pampering, and The Gift.

The supplies: Bonjour Jolie offers your choice of up to 25 pads/tampons/pantyliners each month. They have quite a variety of brands and types available, and you can choose any combo you want!

 The Edibles - a few treats to enjoy. The months I have seen, they have included some sort of chocolate, often some teas, etc. Just the kinds of things I love that make me feel better during "shark week".

The Pampering - a few items to pamper and spoil you...these include bath and body products, beauty products, and other items to soothe you. You can also choose to add some Advil each month!

The Gift - This is a special item each month! It's usually something pretty, like jewelry. It is a fun surprise each month, and I've loved seeing what girls have gotten each month.

All that said, here's what I received in my first Bonjour Jolie box!

The box shipped in this sturdy box in priority mail wrapping! It arrived undamaged and well packaged. I actually really like the size of this box, and I'm saving it to keep stationery and penpal supplies in!

I love that they include a contents card! This explains all of the edible and pampering items each month. This month's card says, "Ringing in the New Year: This January, make a resolution to have your happiest year ever!" Cute.

The Supplies - I am not opening these just yet, until I need them, but in this cute zebra bag are my 25 selected pads and tampons. They had my preferred brands (ob and Always Infinity!) and I received exactly what I asked for! Very satisfied.

The Edibles - This month, we got five chocolates from Seattle Chocolates: preservative and additive free chocolate! I received Blackberry Cream and Rainer Cherry with Pecans. I can tell you that both are delicious and creamy! We also got a pack of Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies: These are classic buttery shortbread. I actually already love these cookies, they are just amazing with tea or hot chocolate. And finally, some teas by Bentley Tea (with some splenda for sweetening). I am a tea fanatic and I was really happy to get some new teas to try!

The Pampering (part 1) - First, the spa-type products! We received a packet of Brown Sugar and Fig bath salts. These smell SO good, and are made from pure dead sea salt and organic essential and fragrance oils! I love bath salts and I am putting these aside for a stressful crampy day! We also got a Lavender and Vanilla Scented Sachet Pillow - This little sachet smells so good and calming. I've actually placed it in a little basket near my bed! We also received Moroccan Rose Petal Soaps - adorable soaps shaped like little roses! You can set these in a dish to scent the room (I actually put them in a basket with the sachet) or you can pick off petals to use to wash your hands! So cute. And finally, a Bonjour Jolie lip balm, which is made of organic oils, beeswax, butters, and peppermint. I love natural and organic balms, so I am happy to have this!

The Pampering (part 2): These are the most practical products! A Beyond BodiHeat Heating Pad - This is a non-medicated heat pad that delivers up to 12 hours of heat for sore muscles or cramps. This will really come in handy! We also received some Playtex wipes, for gentle hygiene, and the aforementioned Advil, which is a monthly necessity for me. All of these things will be very useful for me and are great additions to this box for me!

The Gift: Finally, the monthly gift - Kanzashi Hair Pins! Kanzashi is actually the art of folding fabric in to flowers! These are little hair pins from Japan. Each flower is formed and sewn by hand. These are so cute, and I love hair pins. Such an adorable gift, and I will definitely be enjoying these!

Overall, I am so happy with my first Bonjour Jolie box! I think I will really enjoy getting a box of goodies like this each month, and I am happy with the variety. Yes, I could go buy my own pads and tampons for $21 each month, but the real value of this sub for me is the combination of convenience and pampering!

What do you think about the recent popularity of "time of the month" boxes? 

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