Friday, October 4, 2013

Recent Purchases

I was really excited when I found a few things at I splurged a bit.

When Wet n Wild released the Pop Art trios, I was too broke to even look for them, so I put them out of my mind. I never saw them anywhere (and didn't specifically look for them). Today, I was looking for the Fantasy Makers products and I happened to notice the pop art trios on the bottom shelf at my Walgreens! I was really excited, so I snagged 5 (all they had besides the red, black, and white one). You know I love some bright colors, so I am super excited to play with these!

In the middle is a few Jordana eyeliners. I got all the blue, green, and purple shades. They were super cheap, and I wanted colorful liners to go underneath my shadows on my bottom lash line to add a bit of a pop. Excited to see how the pigmentation is on these.

I also grabbed two of the Fantasy Makers glitter palettes. It's getting close to halloween, and I want to add some sparkle, plus it's fun to use on the kids at work.

But the most exciting thing was the Disney Villains look books! My Walgreens does not carry elf, and when I looked these up when they first came out, there were none within 50 miles of me, so I was resigned to never getting my hands on them. But this week, they showed up at my Walgreens! I wanted all of them, but settled on my two favorites for now, Ursula and Maleficent. When they did similar books last year, I got only Maleficent.

These are the pop art trios I snagged. SO PRETTY. I overlook Wet n Wild a lot, but I think I'm going to love these.

Ursula has always been my favorite villain! I love the look of these this year. Last year's were cute, but more awkward and I like the more modern look of these, and the magnetic closure. I also love that the shadow is removable and that they included a lip gloss instead of pencils!

I  like the new items included better! I will use the heck out of that brush. Last year's sets had fake eyelashes, which are nice in theory, but I can't apply them to save my life, so they are a wasted item on me. I love that it comes with primer, liquid, AND pencil liner, as well as mascara.

I think Ursula's shadows are beautiful. I do think it's odd that they included pink lipgloss instead of a bright red...Ursula rocked the reds! But it's a color I'll wear. I also kind of wish the liner was in a teal or aqua or even a purple, but black will do.

Maleficent is my other favorite villain, and as I got her set last year, I had to get the new one. The art on these is so pretty!

This one has the same liners, brush, and primer, but a red gloss and different shadows. Love this look! The black liners make total sense in this one. I have dupes now, but that's to be expected.

I've also recently purchased Real Techniques brushes and Urban Decay's Deluxe shadow makeup collection is happy right now.

Have you bought anything exciting recently?

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