Thursday, October 3, 2013

Glossybox, September 2013

My September Glossybox finally showed up yesterday. Yes, it is October, but I am excusing it because I resubbed a bit later in the month.

This month's theme is "All You Need For Fall", which is basically the theme my soul would create if souls were in the business of creating sub box themes. The only way they could make a more "me" theme would be to fill the box with apple cider, dip it in caramel, and package it inside of a pumpkin. So, yeah. Good box month for me.

The box contains 5 products, 4 of which are full sized (and the fifth could be considered to be full sized, to some.

As you can see, this box is really full! And I am so happy to have the pretty pink boxes again. When I cancelled my sub a while back, I found myself really missing the pretty packaging, and I do love the boxes for storage and organization.

Here are the items I got this month. This month, there were no variations, and everyone got the same items, which to me is a nice break from the box envy and disappointment that tends to happen when you don't get what you were hoping for.

Oceane Makeup Remover Pen - This is a marker-style pen filled with makeup remover. I absolutely love this idea, it will be great for correcting eyeliner mistakes and touching up runs, smears, and fallout. It comes with extra tips, which is really nice! I love getting unique items like this in boxes.

Nioxin Diamax Treatment - This is the big item this month. It's a full sized bottle of this treatment, which is designed to give volume and fullness, as well as manageability. It also promises to help strengthen the hair. I have quite a bit of hair, but it is fine, and cut into an angled bob, so extra volume is always welcome! I actually resubbed due to this spoiler, because I've heard great things about this product.

Be A Bombshell Eyeliner Pen (Onyx)- I have actually had this item before. It is a marker-style eyeliner pen in black. The good news is I just threw out my other one, because it was getting old and dry. It's a nice liner. It is great for a thicker line, in my opinion. I do wish they had sent out other colors, as I'm really into colored liners lately! But I can always use another black pen liner. 

BCBGMaxAzria - Bon Genre Eau De Parfum - This is a rollerball-sized perfume spray. It's supposed to be a mix of feminine and edgy, which kind of suits me perfectly. Before I tried it, I heard people say it smelled "mature", which worried me because that is not my cup of tea... but I am happy to say that I really love this fragrance! On me, it is sweet and fruity with just a bit of an edge, with just slight muskiness and a backbone of vanilla. I am seriously considering saving up for a larger bottle of's perfect for fall and winter for me.

Emite Makeup Eyelash Curler - So, a few months ago, my eyelash curler fell on the floor and was stepped on. It was bent, but still useable (just annoying). So I hoped for MONTHS that a sub would send out an eyelash curler, but no one did. So, a few weeks ago, I bought one. And the NEXT DAY, someone got their Glossybox and posted these contents. Go figure! But, this curler is really great. It looks cool, came with extra pads, and it fits my eyes wonderfully without pinching! This and the perfume are my favorite items in the box!

Overall, this is actually one of my favorite Glossyboxes to date. I really love every item and it was a really fantastic value. This made me glad that I signed back up for Glossybox!

What do you think of September's box?

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