Sunday, October 27, 2013

Glossybox - October 2013 - Byrdie Collaboration box

Glossybox has never been known for their punctuality. Boxes are often received the month after the one for which they were intended, shipping notices are often sent out after boxes are received if they are sent out at all. I've grown used to this! So I was beyond surprised when my shipping notice showed up on the 20th, and my box showed up the next day! Good job, Glossybox!

For October, Glossybox teamed up with Byrdie for a collaboration. I had never heard of Byrdie, so when I heard about this collaboration, I checked them out - they're an online magazine about all things beauty. So basically, right up my alley. Glossybox tends to really knock it out of the park when they do a collaboration box, so I was especially excited to see what they'd send!

Instead of the usual light pink box, this month we got a chic dark box with pink writing! I'll admit that when I was unsubbed to Glossybox for a while, one of the things I found myself really missing was the amazing boxes! They're cute and sturdy. This one is no exception.

This month brought 5 items, which are all nice sizes. 

tarte lights, camera, FLASHES statement mascara - This is the star of the box (at least for me). First of all, how cute is that packaging? Instead of a regular tube, it's wrapped in a shiny gold leathery material. The brush is really cool - it has softer bristles on one side and stiffer on the other. I am really impressed with this mascara - it made my lashes look super long and thick, performing possibly a bit better than my favorite, They're Real. This may be on my to-buy list after I work through my giant mascara stash...which might take me 50 years, at this rate...

balance Me shine on tinted lip salve in super soft beige - This is what it sounds like - a soft, glossy lip salve with just a bit of tint. It feels good on (very slick and will be perfect for winter, for me). It has a bit of a medicinal smell, which is expected with the word "salve", in my opinion. I really like this salve, and that the ingredients are all from natural origins. I was a little concerned about the color, as brown shades just aren't "me" and every time I try to use them, I end up looking like I don't know how to neatly eat chocolate, or something.

Happily, it's actually a nice soft sheer beige, with just a hint of color on the lips. I'm happy with it! I actually prefer glossy, thinner products like this to be only slightly tinted, because I find more pigmented ones to be messy.

sesha Renu Exfoliating Gel - This is an enzyme based exfoliator. It's a really cool product! You apply it to your cleansed face, let it sit a minute, then massage it off. It binds with your dead skin and balls up! Sounds gross, but it's kind of addictive. I had a product like this before, and I wish I could remember what it was because I loved it! I'm a sucker for exfoliation and I need to get my hands on more of this.

bvlgari eau parfumée au the vert eau de cologne - This is a unisex fragrance in the citrus family. As well as being citrussy, it also smells a bit green, and I get the green tea notes.  It smells fresh and crisp, but a bit too masculine for me (I just prefer feminine scents). I think it's the musk that in the end, makes it a bit too manly for me. The little bottle is adorable, though, and I always like getting perfume samples. While i don't like this one to wear, I think I will use it as a room freshener!

fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream - This is an age defying moisturizer that promises to boost radiance. I love the fresh scent of this! It feels great going on - my skin feels hydrated, but it is not too heavy at all. The sample size is great, and I've been using it all week and my face looks great. This is the other star of the box for me. I've been wanting to try more products by fresh!

Overall, this box is a winner for me! I've discovered a few new favorites, and everything will be used up happily. The mascara alone would have made the box worth it!

What did you think of this month's Glossybox?

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