Monday, July 23, 2012

Little Black Bag - July (makeup edition)

So, when it comes to LBB, I tend to go in phases. First, I was all about getting some cute handbags to liven things up. Then I was determined to get my jewelry collection to...well...exist. Then I was focused on sunglasses and wallets. But one of my favorite categories available on the site is makeup, and I recently decided to go for an all makeup bag - specifically, an all Cargo bag. I succeeded! Here's what I ended up with.

As always, everything was wrapped up neatly in black tissue.

They always have everything well wrapped with bubble wrap, as well. This is the first bag that I've received that has EVER had a damaged item!

I was really excited to finally get my hands on this color quad in Vienna! I am really lacking in the neutrals department, and Cargo eyeshadows are quickly becoming my favorite. The packaging is beautiful, too. Really happy with this!

Aaaand here's the part that brought a tear to my eye. Despite being well packaged, my Amalfi blush was crushed. The good news is that their customer service is great, and after I contacted them and sent them a picture of the damage, they gave me an exchange item credit for use in my next bag.

And, with the assistance of some rubbing alcohol, I was able to repress the blush. It doesn't look as pretty in the tin anymore, but still usable (and gorgeous when worn!)

I got the Smoky eye duo in Brazil because I am sorely lacking when it comes to brown liners, and I thought the idea was cool. The cream side is nice and smooth and goes on well, and the powder side is silky and easy to use. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the black and gray versions of this, as well.

This is the BeachBag Beauty set. I basically traded my soul away for this!

It included a full sized tinted moisturizer in the shade "Nude". First of all, this is huge! 1.7 ounces. The formula is smooth and silky and feels great on the skin. Unfortunately, it is way too dark for me. I hoped to find someone to trade it with, but I haven't had luck so far, so I guess I'll keep it to mix with foundations that are too light or too dry for me. Unless one of you is interested. Then you should email me or comment. :)

Also in the kit was a color stick in Maui. I LOVE THIS. I now regret that I didn't get some of these when they were on the site a while back. It is awesome - not too wet, not too dry, goes on like a dream and easy to blend.

The color is beautiful. I have used it both on my cheeks and my lips, and it's flattering on both. I use it most often on my cheeks!

Finally, a full sized Better than Waterproof mascara. This is my first Cargo mascara, and I love it! And once again, I now wish I'd grabbed a few when they were on the site alone a while back. It lengthens, thickens, and defines. It lasts all day and can be removed without much trouble. 

The brush is nice and big, and really grabs your lashes and pulls them up. I've been using this pretty much daily since I got it.

And, as an added bonus, LBB teamed up with Redken this month and gave everyone a deluxe sample of a product. I go the Shine Flash 02 spray, and everyone and their brother wanted to trade their Redken sample for this and I kept it. LOVE.

Here's all the Cargo I've gotten from Little Black Bag in the last two months (minus a lipgloss I keep at work). Awesome stuff. Have you tried it?

As always, I'm happy with my bag. If you haven't signed up yet and want to try it, here's my referral link! :)

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