Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cravebox - Summer Spruce Up Limited Edition Box

Ahh. I actually received my Summer Spruce Up Cravebox a couple of weeks ago, but real life has been so crazy that I kind of...forgot about it. Until this morning when I bumped it, knocked it over, and had to spend a while trying to clean up all the confetti I had dumped as the contents stared at me sadly. Whoops!

Anyway. this is one of the new limited edition Craveboxes. These aren't part of the subscription that you pay $10 a month for. Instead, they introduce these themed boxes, and you enter a drawing to win a chance to buy one. They cost $10 as well, and if you win one, you still get your regular monthly box, as well. This is the first one that they've sent out, but they list the themes of future boxes as things like beauty, dog lovers, cat lovers, and back to school. I signed up for the Summer Spruce Up one because I love cleaning products (no, I'm not crazy...), and because I'll be moving by the end of summer so heaven knows I'm going to have some serious cleaning to do. So, what did I get?

The packaging is the same as the regular Craveboxes, and it arrived to me quickly and without issue. With some of the other subscription services having some major shipping issues lately, I appreciate this simple fact.

I love the way Cravebox is packed! Every box has different colored confetti cushioning it. It's always fun to open, and I like to save the confetti for future use in gift bags. The box of course has the usual welcome card, talking about the theme and the contents. As usual, everything received is full sized.

The first thing I pulled out was this Dawn Duo Sponge Cloth. This is just what it sounds like - a cross between a sponge and a cloth. It reminds me of a large, flattened sponge. This is going to get some major use here - I always wear out the scrubby side of sponges, and this is basically a giant version of that. I had never seen this product before, so I'm glad to discover it now! This sponge cloth retails for around $3.

This is another new product to me - Sprayway Glass Cleaner. This is an ammonia free aerosol glass cleaner. I tried this out already, and I really like it! It sprays on kind of foamy, and it has a nice fresh scent. It left my windows and my computer screen nice and shiny and it really is streakless. This retails for around $5.

These are bliss gloves by Mr. Clean. I only recently discovered the benefits of using gloves for tough cleaning jobs after I tore my hands up cleaning the oven. As far as gloves go, these are nice ones! They are super soft and velvety on the inside and feel nice and durable. I appreciate that they're latex free. These retail for around $4.

This is a coupon, not a product, but it is for a free product, so I appreciate it! It's a coupon for a free box of Glad trash bags, which will definitely come in handy. The coupon has a max value of $5.49.

And finally, this is a product I remember from my childhood - Bar Keeper's Friend cleanser and polish. This is a versatile all-purpose product that can be used on stainless steel, porcelain, copper, tile, and just about any other surface you can imagine. It is great for general cleaning and removing rust and stains. I appreciate that it doesn't contain bleach! This tin retails for around $4.

In all, this is a really nice box. I got more than $21 worth of full sized cleaning products, and most are new to me. I can't wait until Cravebox releases more of these Limited Edition's fun to get a bonus box in the mail.


Liz said...

Looks like a great value - I can't wait to get my BBQ limited edition cravebox!

Liz @

Ashley said...

Your not crazy I love cleaning products too! Those Mr. Clean gloves look extra fancy, pretty cool box imo.

Angela Scooler said...

I wish I would have signed up for it now. Thats a awesome box for $10. I really want a beauty box if they ever open it :)