Saturday, March 1, 2014

Beauty Box 5 - February 2014

One of my favorite things about subs is trying new things. I'm always super excited when a sub sends me something I have never tried before! Beauty Box 5 did just that this month.

I love Beauty Box 5. I feel they are often overlooked...not as many people have heard of them as the larger subs. But they always send me a variety of items and the items are always interesting and of good quality and it is always worth more than the $12 that you pay!

February 2014 is their 2nd birthday! I was really excited to see what was in their birthday celebration box!

Such a sweet little info card this month! I love that their information cards are nice and detailed, with pictures.

Rockstar Nails Caviar Nail polish set - This is a pretty purple nail polish with matching caviar beads. I was so excited to get this - I had never tried a caviar mani before! I did a quick caviar accent nail and shared with you how to do it below! This is a new brand to me and I really love the formula of the polish and the fun of the caviar. 

Every Beauty Makeup Remover Pads with Argan Oil extract - These are dry makeup remover just get them wet when you're ready to use them! I love this idea - I absolutely hate when my face wipes dry out! These have already found a home in my bag. I love discovering new items like this!

Elizabeth Mott It's So Big Volumizing Mascara - I've actually gotten this before, but a friend needed mascara (and my stash was huge) so I passed it along to her and never had a chance to try it! I'm excited to try it this time. I don't want to open it until I finish my current mascara, but I'll report back with my thoughts on it.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Touchably Full shampoo and conditioner (2 packets of each): I'm always happy to try new shampoos and conditioners. I used one of these yesterday, and my hair does feel nice and soft and full. I really like John Frieda products!

I was really happy with the contents of my Beauty Box 5 this month! I was so excited about the Rockstar Nails set that I decided to play with it a bit! Forgive the terrible lighting.

I decided to do just one accent nail with the caviar, today. So I started by painting the other nails. The polish was really easy to work with - not too thick, not too thin. I saved the accent nail for last, because you want to put the beads on about 10 seconds after you paint that nail - before it gets too try, but allowing for a few seconds for it to "set" a bit.

There are different methods for applying the caviar. Some people pour it over the nail. I decided to pour some beads in a container and dipping my nail in. I poured in enough beads to ensure I could cover the nail easily.

 Next, I painted the accent nail, waited 10 seconds to allow it to set, a dipped it in. I moved the nail around a bit, making sure every surface made contact with the beads.

 Tada! The next step is to tap off the excess, and seal it with a topcoat. Such a cute and fun look!

Now, a caviar manicure is not something that is going to offer you a lot of longevity, so don't do it when you need your nails to look great all week. But it is a super cute and fun look for a night out or special occasion. I'm really excited to play with this set more!

Have you tried a caviar mani yet? What about Beauty Box 5?

Disclaimer: I received this box free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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