Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ipsy - September 2013

This month, I had to get a new card and wait for it to arrive, so my Ipsy sub shipped and arrived late! I'm glad to finally have it to play with, though!

September's theme is Classic Beauty. This is not my favorite theme (I tend toward the more edgy than classic), but no big deal. :)

The bag itself is cute this month - pretty blue with a kind of abstract butterfly print in black. This is the first month that I don't think the bag they picked for me suits my profile, though! I received both lip products, and while I love lip products, I had them deselected because I have way too many. Everyone got a lip product this month, so I would have gotten one regardless, but I kind of wish I had gotten the Freeman masks instead of the 2nd! No big deal, though.

This month, they sent a paper card sample of the new em cosmetics line by Michelle Phan. There is a lot of controversy about this line (questionable quality and very high pricing), but I'm glad to get a little sample just to see for myself. The colors I got could not be more boring, but we'll see how I feel about the quality! I have not heard great things.

This is a full sized nyx eyeshadow. I love shadows, but this is a sparkly black, and I have a few of those, so I opted to pass it along in a swap box instead of swatching/trying it. It looks pretty, though! Nyx is an affordable brand, but I don't mind getting it because it is not available near me. 

This is a deluxe sized It's So Big mascara by Elizabeth Mott. Again, this is something I am not opening to try right now. I love mascara, but I have several open right now and don't want any to go to waste! I will try this after I've used up my open ones. I always like mascara, but I'm kind of swimming in them right now, so I'm ready for my subs to take a hiatus from them while I use up my stash!

This is a lipstick by J.Cat in Honeycrisp. It is a light nude color. I have a few other J Cat lipsticks, and they are pretty nice! This color is not one I'd normally wear, but I've been appreciating a nude lip lately. The color will also be great for toning down bright/dark colors, as well. This is a full sized lipstick.

Cailyn calls this a tinted lip balm, but is much more pigmented and much less moist/balmy than a balm to me! It's in Big Apple, and it's a nice bright red shade that pulls a bit pink on me. I love the packaging and I've been really into red lips lately, so this will be used.

Here are swatches of the two lippies in bad lighting. 

And finally, an eyeliner pen by Jesse's Girl. Again, I'm not opening this yet, as I have a few open, but I am always happy to receive an eye pen. I wish it was in a fun color rather than black, but it's a staple that looks nice.

Overall, this isn't my favorite Ipsy bag, but it isn't bad! Everything but the shadow will be used, and it's a pretty good value as always! It definitely fits the Classic Beauty theme. I'm really looking forward to seeing what October brings!

What was in your bag this month? Do you like the classic beauty look?

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