Friday, September 20, 2013

Acure Organics skin care review

I posted a couple of weeks ago about needing a skincare overhaul, and said I was beginning a new regimen of products by Acure Organics! Now, after using those products for over 2 weeks, I am ready to weigh in on them!

Acure Organics is a family owned and operated company that makes natural and certified organic skincare products (as well as some for the body and hair.) They use certified organic and fair trade ingredients, which makes me feel good about trying them on my fussy combination skin. They are never tested on animals, and they are free of preservatives and nasty chemicals.

I used nothing but these products for the last 3 weeks, with the exception of a weekly mask, which I always use.

 First of all, isn't the packaging on these products cute? I love the bright clean look.

This is the Sensitive Facial Cleanser.  It is a soothing, gentle cleanser with a nice creamy (but not heavy) texture. It contains probiotics as well as argan and pumpkin seed oils! It is fragrance free and completely non-irritating. It is pH balanced and the probiotics help reduce inflammation. I found this cleanser to be great for daily use! It cleansed my face of dirt and oils, but didn't dry me out at all. 

This is the Brightening Facial Scrub. It is an exfoliating scrub that contains sea kelp, green clay, lemon peel and chlorella growth factor (which is extracted from algae, and helps support cellular replication). It also contains Argan stem cells, which help stimulate dermal skin cells...really cool technology! This scrub is really effective. It clears the pores and sloughs away dead skin to keep skin bright. I absolutely love this stuff! It's a little crazy looking - green (thanks, sea kelp) which I enjoy. It has a pleasant light natural scent.  I use this 3 times a week, and I love how smooth it leaves my skin. It is not too abrasive and leaves my skin looking clear and bright.

This is the balancing rose + red tea facial toner. This is a gentle toner, and it does not sting. It helps balance the pH levels of the skin after rinsing, and has a light natural scent. I will admit I have been pretty neglectful of toners, but I have fallen in love with this one. It feels nice and refreshing on the skin, and really does seem to help balance out my combination skin. This might be my favorite product of the line!

This Day Cream contains Gotu Kola stem cells, which help the skin to maintain its own hyaluronic acid to balance moisture levels and firm and plump the skin. It is light, but hydrating, with a light citrusy scent. I found this to be great for daily use - not too heavy, and didn't leave me greasy. A little goes a long way, and while it wasn't too heavy for my combo skin, I also think drier skin types would like this cream, as well.

The Night Cream contains a blend of amazing oils and anti-aging ingredients, as well! This is a richer consistency than the day cream (but still not too heavy) and has a really nice lavender scent. This cream is great - I wake up with my skin feeling soft and hydrated. The lavender scent makes it really calming for bedtime.

Finally, I tried the leave-in conditioner. Like many of the skincare products, it contains argan oil and stem cells to strengthen and protect the follicle. My hair is thick and color treated, so I was super excited to try this - and I fell in love! It smells amazing, light and citrusy (thanks to the lemongrass!) This spray detangles my hair and leaves it nice and soft, but never weighed down or greasy. I have found many leave in sprays to be too heavy or sticky, this one is just perfect.

Overall, I have fallen in love with Acure's products over the last 3 weeks! My skin looks and feels so much smoother and brighter. The amazing ingredients make me feel good about using the products, and the company's values and service make them a company I am happy to support. I will be purchasing more products in the future, and I definitely recommend these products to anyone looking to rejuvenate their skincare routine. 

If you'd like, please check them out at

Disclaimer: I received products for review from the company. I was not compensated for this review, and my opinion is my own.

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