Monday, July 1, 2013

Starlooks Starbox - June 2013

June marked Starlooks' one year anniversary! June's box delivered staple products they thought we could use every day. (I do my makeup differently every single day, because I'm crazy and I get bored, so I don't really HAVE staple products, but, that's beside the point...) The looks book and card featured a mod 60s look that was really fun, and there was special anniversary packaging, too!

The anniversary box is super cute, and the black and white theme matches the theme of the looks book and contents card.

This month, we received three products and a little extra. 

Bronzer in Montego Bay - This is a bronzer with a satin finish. It can be used to contour, and can also be used on the body! Note that it looks darker in the photo than it really is! Now, this product is a scary one for me - I am pale and pink toned, and I have never had a tan in my life, so items meant to make you look tan generally look terrible on me. But, I am going to play with this and try to find a way to make it work for me! Someone suggested using it for contouring under my foundation, and I think I'll be giving that a try soon.

Eye Pencil in White - This is a creamy eyeliner pencil in white. As with Starlooks' other pencils, it is very soft and creamy! It can be used on the waterline to make the eyes look better, or it can be used on the lid as a shadow base. I will likely use it for both! I have recently come to love white liners, so I am happy to get this.

Precision Eye Pen in Black - This is a fine tipped liquid liner in black. This is actually their first repeated product (they generally don't repeat exact items, but to me it makes sense to repeat basics like a black liquid liner after a year or so)  - they sent it out in their very first box, and it is a great staple item. I love that you can get a really fine line with it.

The bonus is a cute peace sign pin. It goes with the mod theme of the month, and while I've seen a lot of people complain about it, I think it's pretty cute and will attach it to a jean jacket or one of my messenger bags.

As always, this box was a really great value. I do have to say that I am a bit disappointed in this anniversary box, simply because there is nothing exciting in it! The liners are nice, and I don't have and have never really used a bronzer so that will be interesting to play with...but it's hard to get excited over a box full of staples! I wish they had included one fun color item! Regardless, Starlooks remains one of my favorite subs and I'm really excited to see what they do for July.

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