Friday, July 12, 2013

Birchbox - July 2013

Wow, I am behind on my posts this month. I received my Birchbox at the beginning of the week (early in the month for me!) This was the first time in ages I got my box before the contents were listed on the was nice to be surprised for once!

This month, Birchbox went with a theme of "Power Play", promising hardworking samples to help us take control of any situation, and they had cast members of the tv show Suits (which I've never seen or heard of, but whatever) pick some of the samples. Interestingly, they had added points to my account before I even got my box letting me know that I was getting a duplicate sample that I had received in a past month. They didn't say what the duplicate sample was, so I was really curious, and hoping that it was one that I had liked.

Here's my box!

Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect spray - This was the sample that I had gotten in a previous box. Luckily for me, I loved it, so I was okay with getting it again! It is a leave in conditioner, and it detangles and protects from heat and the sun. It's free of sulfates and has lots of good natural ingredients in it. It kept my hair nice and soft and smooth, and I would buy the full size if it weren't so expensive!

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin cream - This cream has lots of ceramides! It promises to combat redness, roughness, and irritation as well as being super moisturizing.  I love a good skincare product, so I am really happy to get this! It feels nice and hydrating on my skin, and I look forward to seeing what it does for me with repeated usage.

ModelCo Party Proof lipstick in Get Naked - This is a longwearing matte lipstick in a perfect nude. I actually do not own a nude lipstick and I am really impressed with this one! It is lighter than my lips (which are quite pigmented), but it doesn't look bad with my very pale skin. I am excited to wear this with some of my bolder, brighter eye looks. It has a nice fruity smell and a super hydrating feel!

La Fresh Instant Body Smoother wipes - These are refreshing wipes with a minty scent, made to help refresh and relax you. I tried one after walking home in the scorching sun and it felt amazing!

Birchbox bobby pins - This is the extra this month. They are super cute, and very heavy duty! I love bobby pins for my barely long enough for a ponytail hair. This is one of my favorite extras!

Here is the lipstick on my arm and on my lips. I think it will be great alone or to tone down a bright/bold lippie!

Overall, I think this is a great box, and I am happy to use everything. Birchbox and the cast of Suits did a great job this month, in my opinion. 

What was in your box?

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