Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Little Black Bag - December - $29.95 bag

After a very slow shipping process, my December LBB finally arrived!

This month, I decided to try out their new $29.95 bag. This is a bag that allows you to choose your first item from the mid-to-lower priced jewelry, accessories, etc and provides 2-3 items worth $50-$70. Then, instead of 7 days of trading, you get 3.

I was lucky first of all, that I opened this bag when they were offering several bonus items in the bag (all of which I traded except for one!), and they also added 12 hours to my trading time after their site was down for a couple of hours.  I'm really happy with this bag and how it turned out!  Here's what I received.

This is the item I opened my bag for! It's iWave Audio cheetah print headphones. I'd been trying to get some headphones in my last bag but people were just not letting them go, so I opened my bag with them and they are the one item I held onto! These retail for $35.

This is Oliva hand cream by Baronessa Cali. This is a hand cream containing extracts of olive oil. It has a nice fresh scent and is moisturizing. I was able to trade a couple of my bonuses for this, and I am excited - I wash my hands a billion times a day, so a good hand cream is a must. This retails for $20.

This is the By Phillippe Triple Drop Heart pendant. I wasn't sure about this based on the pics on LBB's site, but I was offered it for a $24 item I had in my bag, so I went for it - and I'm really glad I did! It's nice and delicate and pretty in person, I love the little colored gems. This necklace retails for $50.

It's a great size and chain length. This is my first item by this brand and I'm really interested in trying other pieces, now!

This is the Betsey Johnson Snake Pendant, and I was ecstatic to finally get this in my bag! It took a solid day of trading, but I finally got it, and I couldn't be happier. It's so gorgeous and colorful.

It is a thicker chain and a larger pendant than most of my jewelry, and I'm super excited to wear it. This retails for $48.

This is the tie dye scarf by Cejon, and it's just a simple purple toned scarf. It retails for $32. I got really lucky this this one, too - I had one of the Pixi shadow pens, and someone traded me this scarf for it! 

And finally, this is the one bonus item I kept - Magic Tink Tint by Pixi. This is a lip tint that goes on clear and then turns into a custom shade of pink on the lips. It feels nice and moisturizing and is very natural on me.

Here it is on my lips. This retails for $16.

In all, I am really happy with this bag, especially for $29.95. Can't wait to use everything! If you still haven't signed up for LBB, the $29.95 bag is a great way to try it out. Here is my referral link!

What's in your latest Little Black Bag?



Stas Buttler said...

those are sweet headphones

Helen To said...

so many goodies!!!
i cant believe they are finally available to Canadians but the price is a bit steep for shipping and all that... hmm maybe when i start cancelling beauty boxes, i will be able to join the fun!

Anonymous said...

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Angela Scooler said...

That's a great haul for $29.95! Those headphones are cute and I LOVE the scarf.

yousoldtheworld said...

I love them! :)

yousoldtheworld said...

Know what I do if I'm feeling guilty about spending the money? I wait until I need a gift for someone (birthday, holiday, anniversary, whatever) and then I just open a bag and make sure one of my items is a suitable gift for that person. I figure, the cost of a bag is my general gift price range, and then I get the gift for them plus goodies for myself. LOL.

Yeah, I'm an addict. :)

yousoldtheworld said...

I am so happy with the scarf, it is nice and floaty. Happy with the whole bag. :)

Helen To said...

hahaha but such a smart addict!! i like that idea!