Friday, October 5, 2012

Sample Society - October

I was really excited to wake up to my October Sample Society box yesterday...especially since it seems like I just got last month's!

I really love fall and winter products, so I was excited to see what this month would bring from SS.  I have to say that after last month's awesome box, this one is a little lackluster...but it is certainly not a bad box, by any means! Here's what we got!

The shipping was super fast this month. Noticed that the box was very light, though...which generally means small sample sizes!

This is a little bonus sample. It's a lavender towelette by Herban Essentials. These are made with essential oils. They're antibacterial and antiseptic and have multiple uses. I will likely use it as a hand cleanser. Nothing exciting, but it'll be nice to have in my bag.

This is pronto wet  instant volumizing shampoo by Oscar Blandi. I've always wanted to try OB products, and this is a great size, but I am always a bit disappointed when subs send shampoo without the coordinating conditioner. That said, it smells nice (like lemon verbena) and I'll definitely try it out.

This is a teeny tiny tube of Phormula 3-9 balm by Erno Laszlo. This balm is meant to treat and smooth scars, burns, and dry skin. It is a very small tube but it is full, and a little bit goes a long way. This is a really, really pricey cream and brand, way outside of my price range, so it's great to be able to try it out!

This is the one thing in the box I will not use. I dislike self tanners and do not have any use for them, ever. I'm a very fair cool toned person who is not able to tan, nor do I have any desire to tan. That said, Jane Iredale is a great brand so it's definitely a nice high end's just a useless one for me.

And this is the most exciting product for me - Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment by Kate Somerville. I love scrubs, and this one is awesome. It helps fight acne, blackheads, dull skin, and leaves skin soft and smooth. I've used it once and loved it, and I have enough left for another use. 

And finally, a deluxe perfume sample by Aromachology. The scent is Clean & Fresh, and it is just what it sounds like. To me, it just smells like clean laundry. Honestly, it's not a scent I would wear on my body, but it will be great as a little room spray! It's definitely very strong and a little would go a long way.

In all, this is an okay box. While it's not very exciting for me, Sample Society does continue to deliver truly high end brands monthly, and it is always a great value. 

What are you looking forward to trying out this week?

Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.


Jae[재]* said...

I really love wish boxes, but i've never ordered one. ^^' I just see reviews and be like "AHHH! WANT!" XD i am on the same boat with you about the tanning stuff. I dont like or want to be tan. ._. you know.... it seems like the US has such backwards philosophy sometimes. Pale people are made fun of yet being tan gives you cancer and make you look older >.>; bah makes no sense! :3 the Phormula 3-9 balm sounds nice though! It reminds me of my snail cream that I have. oohhhh ilove that stuff. @.@ it has improved my self esteem so much..... so so so much.<3

yousoldtheworld said...

I love boxes like these so much! Even when they're disappointing, it's just a lot of fun to experiment and try new things, and often things I never would have tried on my own. Like that Erno Laszlo cream - the full size is $245, so noooo way would I ever be buying that, LOL...but it's great to say I've tried it!

And I'm glad someone feels the same way about the tanner! I like my pale skin, and I'll like it even more when I'm older and my face doesn't resemble a leather wallet! :) Plus, I think it's kind of insulting, you know? They would never dream of sending a dark skinned girl some skin bleach...

I've never tried snail cream!! Maybe I should!

Jae[재]* said...

Ohhhhh snail cream is amazing. It's about $30 for a jar but they have samples if you want to try it first. You may have to order something though :/ Anyway, it lasts for months and you can see improvement so fast if you use it morning and night. I use it all the time & have a post on it but i didn't review the product because I was too distracted by the box ^^'''' <3

Jae[재]* said...

._. well then. i typed you a long response yesterday or the day before and came back to give you a link and it's gone. @.@ ahhhhh why!? T.T
anyway.... from what i can remember i said i loved the snail cream. it's my favorite product pretty much and you can buy a little sample pack on amazon:

:3 Hope that helps

Ashley said...

Seems like a good little box. I wonder what they were thinking putting self tanner in when it's fall though? lol

Michelle said...

Is it true that you get $15 credit to spend with the brands featured in the box? It seems like an awesome box wish we had this in the UK

Stories of an English rose

yousoldtheworld said...

I was wondering that, too. I guess maybe they thought people would want to keep their summer tans going or something?? I just know that I don't EVER want to be tan. Yuck. lol.

yousoldtheworld said...

oooh, looks great. Thanks!

yousoldtheworld said...

Yes! We get a $15 coupon code that can be used on any order of $50 or more, as long as it contains one item from one of the brands in that month's box. It's a really great deal.