Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bath & Body Works - Fall Traditions (partial) review

I am such a sucker for fall. It brings my favorite weather, my favorite holiday, my favorite clothing, my favorite foods, and definitely my favorite scents. I wait all year for fall things to start showing up in stores! So, as soon as Bath & Body Works released their fall traditions this year, I had to grab some.

I'll start off by saying that this is not the full line - I have used Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin in the past, and to me it smells neither like cinnamon nor pumpkin - in fact, to me it smells like grandma perfume. So, I skipped that one.

The Fall Traditions body care line this year includes the aforementioned Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Brown Sugar & Fig (which is another scent that's been around a while), and two new scents: Dreamy Vanilla Woods and Honey Autumn Apple. There are many more scents in hand soaps and pocketbacs, as well (which I haven't picked up yet...but I will).

I picked up both a fine fragrance mist and a triple moisture body cream in the two new scents, and only the body cream in Brown Sugar and Fig, as I had tried that one in the past and frankly, couldn't remember if I liked it or not. I generally dislike BBW's regular lotions as they just aren't moisturizing to me, and I find them far too thin, but I adore the triple moisture creams. I also really love the packaging of the new-ish fine fragrance mists.Much cuter than the old mists.

Dreamy Vanilla Woods is described as a mix of creamy vanilla, white orchid, and saffron woods. I love vanilla scents, so I was super excited to try this one. And, I'm not disappointed. It's warm and soft. It smells more like true vanilla than vanilla cookie, and the woods balance it out and keep it from being too sweet. It actually reminds me a bit of Aquolina Pink Sugar, minus the licorice note. It's not exact, but it has that same kind of powdery vanilla scent to it.

This scent is definitely light, and wears close to the skin, but I found it to be pretty long lasting. This will be great for winter, as well as fall.

Honey Autumn Apple is another one I was excited about - I love apple scents. This one is described as a blend of crisp red apple, sparkling nectarine, and a touch of honey. This smells really, really yummy. It's not the typical apple scent, you can actually smell the honey note. I also smell the vanilla and tonka bean  base notes when this dries down, which is nice. It's crisp and fruity with a bit of warmth to it. The only downside to this scent is that the staying power leaves a bit to be's hard to detect even after just a few minutes. Layering the products does help!

This one is my favorite actual scent, but I wish it lingered as well as the Dreamy Vanilla Woods!

And finally, the Brown Sugar and Fig.  This is one that has been around for years, but had been retired to online only until they brought it back for the fall line. I know I had tried it before, but couldn't remember much about it. It is described as a combination of fresh fig, coconut milk sprinkled with brown sugar. I'm not sure if it's my body chemistry, but I can't really detect the fig. I smell the coconut milk and brown sugar with some muskiness. It's definitely a warm scent. It's not a favorite of mine, but it does smell nice. 

I do find this one to be long lasting, even worn alone. 

So far, I'm enjoying the fall offerings from Bath & Body Works, and I'm excited to pick up some of the soaps and pocketbacs next! What's your favorite fall scent?


Vicky Hoang said...

i tagged you for the Liebster award!

yousoldtheworld said...

Aw, thanks so much! :)

Cherry said...

I saw this prodcut in stores when I picked up products from there the other weekend :) never tried them yet but they look wonderful ^^ I found you through monday beauty blog hop! I am following and hope you will drop by too !

heavy hedonist said...

I'm a sucker for fall, too, and miss being able to use Bath & Body Works lotoions-- they are now too strongly scented for my sensitive skin and lungs, but the fig you review here sounds wonderful. I do adore a crisp apple scent at this time of year, and cranberry anything.
Peace, Mari

aniacytrynka said...

interesting review :) I'm following you now :)

yousoldtheworld said...

Thanks for the follow, I've followed you back. :)

yousoldtheworld said...

I love cranberry scents as well! Fall and winter scents are just the best.

yousoldtheworld said...

They smell great, I hope you get a chance to try them! And I've followed you as well!