Friday, September 21, 2012

Barkbox - September

Well, I've sadly missed posting about my last couple of Barkboxes...mostly because Rowan got into them before I got a chance to get pictures of them! But I got his September Barkbox while he was at the park with his grandma, so I actually had a chance to go through this one!

In case you haven't heard of BarkBox, it is a monthly subscription program for dogs! They send out healthy, safe foods, toys, and accessories for your dog monthly. It's available for dogs of all sizes, and Rowan and I have loved everything we've received!

Here's what we got for September:

1. Zigoo Crinket Toy. This is the large green tube-looking's actually a brilliant idea - it's a durable tube meant to put an empty water bottle in! This way, the dog can chew and enjoy the crinkle noise without actually tearing up the bottle, possibly swallowing it or hurting himself on sharp edges. This will be great for Ro, he loves anything noisy. I love that BarkBox always sends durable toys...because he is quite a chewer.

2. LA Fresh W.A.G. Bath Wipe - This is obviously more exciting for me than for Rowan. It's a premoistened wipe meant to clean up your dog on the go. He loves to get into mud and other gross things, so this will definitely come in handy!

3. Barkworthies Bully Stick - pretzel:  This is a bully stick in the shape of a pretzel. Rowan has already devoured it...he LOVED it. I love giving him safe things to chew on.

4. Whole Life Pet Freeze Dried Sweet Potato treats. This is a great sized bag! I love giving Ro sweet potatoes, they're super healthy and these are nice and light and crisp, and definitely unique. We also received a small sample of the freeze dried chicken treats...which he apparently loved, because he snuck into the box when I went down to the bathroom and stole them.

5. Zukes Z-Bones dental treat. Ro hates having his teeth brushed, so I love giving him dental treats! This is a green chew bone meant to clean the teeth and freshen breath. He apparently thought it tasted good, too, as he already devoured it!

And finally, there was also a $10 coupon code for  It was good for $10 off your first order from which is a great site to buy pet supplies. Unfortunately, I have already ordered from them many times. so I can't use it. However, if you want my discount code, please feel free to leave me a comment and it's yours!

As usual, Rowan and I both LOVED our BarkBox. I appreciate the company and the care put into selecting products to send. I highly recommend it to anyone with a spoiled doggie!

If you are interested, you can sign up via my referral link OR using this coupon code: "MITAC032" tand you will save $5 off your order.

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how adorable! what a cute idea haha. i wish i had a dog to justify buying one!

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