Saturday, May 16, 2015

Poesie Perfumes - first order and first look!

Recently, my friend Karissa showed me a brand new company she'd seen on IMAM called Poesie Perfumes. After reading through the thread and the descriptions, I knew I had to try some samples.

Poesie just launched. It is a handmade perfume company run by a woman named Joelle. They make everything in small batches and are inspired by literature, travel, and vintage glamour! Here's what they have to say about themselves:

Poesie Perfume is inspired by stylish days gone by, open books, cozy cups of tea, embarking on a new journey, wandering the streets of far away cities, waking up and following your heart… It’s for the adventurers, the dreamers, and those who know how to enjoy the view as this crazy world spins on its axis every day.

The current collection is "The 1928 Collection", and it is inspired by Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries! It consists of 9 scents, and they offer beard oil, body lotion, body whip, and shower gel!

I ordered 6 of the 9 scents and received a 7th as a sample! I will write full reviews of them after I try them.

For now, look how cute this is all packaged up, and the darling green glass bottles.

So far, I have tried La Jeunesse, which has notes of fresh cut grass, juicy apple, and tea rose. I really love it! It starts as bright grass with a hint of apple, and it dries down to a soft, sweet, powdery rose. It captures the vintage 1920s feel so well and I adore it! So excited to try the others.

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