Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ipsy - September 2014 review/unboxing

Ipsy and I have a very on-again, off-again relationship. I have joined and cancelled more times than I care to count! However, I cancelled again this month after only 2 months back with them, and I think I'm done this time.

Don't get me wrong, Ipsy is a really cool service, and they do offer great product sizes. But I think it's best suited for either those new to makeup, or those working on building up their collections. They send out things that aren't terrible, but very rarely do they send out anything new, exciting, or unique. And my makeup collection now is to the point that yet another black eyeliner or pinky lipgloss is just not exciting unless it's from a new brand or a really great color. And I feel that Ipsy sends me the same old stuff, all the time!

That said, here's my September bag.

September's theme was "Street Style", and it is reflected in the bag itself. This is one of my favorite bags from Ipsy! Soft, in a gunmetal color, with cute square studs. I'm using it in my bag right now! 

Pacifica Eye Pencil in Gunmetal - This is a shimmery gunmetal shade. It's okay! I would have loved a fall color, but this is fine. Pigmentation is okay. It is somewhat creamy. It lasts an average amount of time. NOthing terrible, nothing to write home about. 

Alterna CC Cream 10 in 1 - This is a nice product...I love a good leave-in, and I love that this one offers heat protection as well as moisture and shine. I think the "10 in 1" promise is kind of silly. Basically, it is a leave in conditioner/cream with heat protection. Calling this 10 in 1 is like calling your shoes 2 in one because they cover your feet AND protect your soles. Marketing silliness. But it works well and leaves my hair nice and soft.

Cailyn Art Touch tinted lip gloss - Oh, yay, a neutral pinky lipgloss from a brand I've sampled a thousand times, that is drugstore quality at high end prices. THE JOY. This will be passed on to a more lipgloss loving friend.

Crown Brush Infinity Dual Ended Shadow/Crease brush:  This is my favorite product this month. It is nice and soft, and I love that the crease brush is small, I needed a much smaller one for detail work. 

Nyx Hot Singles eye shadow - I got this in an oxblood shade. It's a pretty color...but I dislike Nyx eyeshadow. I love other products by them, but I find the shadows not very pigmented and quite powdery. This will also be passed along as a gift.

Overall, I just didn't think this bag was great. It was okay. Some gifts for my sister, so that's a bonus! But I am definitely over Ipsy.

What do you think?

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