Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 2014 favorites.

Along with monthly empties posts, I've decided to go back to sharing my absolute favorite products for each month. These are things I've found myself reaching for repeatedly and truly enjoying! In January, I tried a lot of new things, and also opened things I've had sitting around, untried. Here are my favorites!

Malin & Goetz detox face mask: This is the coolest mask. It comes out like a typical gel/cream...but as you apply it to your face, it starts to bubble and foam. It is a weird, almost itchy, tingly sensation at first. It foams up so much it looks like you've covered your face in shaving cream! But it leaves my face feeling soft, smooth, and super fresh. I really like it, and I've been using it every Sunday!

La Roche Posay Redermic Eyes: This is a nice eye cream/treatment. I find that it really does help my eye area feel a bit firmer and more perky, and my dark circles are less pronounced. It is a nice kind of thin consistency, which I prefer when it comes to my eyes - it takes less tugging to rub it in than it does some thicker creams! I've been using this morning and night, and will continue to do so.

eyeko Black Magic Mascara: This is a really good mascara. I love that the wand is a bit angled, it makes it easy to really open up the outer corners of my eyes. It gives good length and thickness, and it doesn't smudge or flake on me. I also like that it comes in this kind of tube, rather than the typical rigid one. I feel like this will enable me to get every last bit of product out! If I ever use up my mascara stash, this is one I would likely repurchase.

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Audacious: This is such a pretty bright orange!  I love this shade because it is so outside of my usual range. I'm pale and cool toned, but I wear this anyway, because WHY NOT? The matte finish is pretty, and it does not feel as drying as some mattes do. I want to collect all of these!

BUTTER London Horsepower Nail Fertilizer: My nails are so thin and peely. I've been trying to baby them, and this is really helping! They feel a bit stronger, and I intend to use it for a week each month to see how the long term effects are!

stila Barbie palette: This is a cool little palette...four little shadow trios that can be mixed and matched. I love the color variety, and as usual, stila shadows are great quality. I love how soft and blendable they are!

LUSH Santa's Lip Scrub: I usually make my own lip scrub out of honey and sugar, and it works great...but I was curious about this one, so I bought it. I love it! It has a cherry cola flavor to it, and it leaves the slightest red stain on your lips. It has a slightly more moist consistency than the Popcorn scrub does.  I'll still use my homemade stuff most of the time, but if this is available again next year, I might order another! I do also like the Popcorn scrub, but I find mine more moisturizing.

Lancome Le Stylo in Turquoise: This is the prettiest  teal is nice and soft and it does not smudge once it sets. I've been using it more often than even my liquid liners this month.

Susan Posnick Coloreyedefine in Sapphire and Amethyst: This is a double ended stick with a purple shadow on one side and a dark blue pencil on the other. The colors are pretty. The shadow is too small to use as shadow, for me, but I love the sponge applicator for defining the crease. 

From top to bottom: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Audacious, Posnick shadow in Amethyst, Posnick liner in Sapphire, Lancome Le Stylo in Turquoise.

See how pretty the shades are in the stila palette?? 

What are your favorites so far this year?

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