Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Starlooks - November 2013

Last week, I made the snap decision to resubscribe to Starlooks Starbox for November and December. I was a subscriber for a long time, but I made the decision to cancel several months ago. I was always really happy with the products and value, but I was on sub and makeup overload, so I thought I should quit for a while. IF you haven't tried Starlooks Starbox yet, it is a monthly subscription that sends 3-4 full sized makeup items every month for $15 plus shipping (it usually comes out to $16.98).

 With winter approaching, I found myself craving more new makeup and colors to play with. I also loved what they did last November and December (they sent out a neutral shadow quad in November, and then a colorful 15 shade shadow palette in December...so much fun) and I decided I really didn't want to miss what they did this year!

Surprisingly, only 2 days after I resubscribed, I received my shipping information, and while USPS had some hiccups this month (sent my box back and forth between the same two towns THREE TIMES), I received my box quickly. Here's what we got for November!

I have always loved how the Starbox is packaged. It looks and feels like a little present. It is always well padded, and the boxes are different colors each month. 

When I subscribed before, the makeup packaging was kind of boring black. I love the new look! Bright and modern and eye-catching. It's a small thing, but the little things count!

The first item I pulled out was a little extra - a sharpener! I am always losing my sharpeners, so an extra is very welcome. I love that Starlooks often adds in little bonus items.

Slanted Liner Brush #824 - This is an angled brush perfect for precise eyeliner application. 

It is neither too wide or too narrow, and it is the perfect stiffness for me! I have 2 other Starlooks brushes and I use both of them all the time...the quality is really great. So excited to have another! And it goes perfectly with the next item.

Infinity Pot Liner in Orion - This is a long wearing cream/gel liner that can also be worn as a cream shadow or base! At first glance, I thought it was a basic navy, but it turns out it is a GORGEOUS shimmery dark blue with a hint of green. It is absolutely perfect, and I own nothing like it! I imagine I will be using this all winter long.

5 Shade Shadow Palette in Monaco - This is a great mix of brights and neutrals! They are nice and soft, with pretty good pigmentation, and are quite buildable, but they are also able to be applied sheer for a more subtle look. I have a few different Starlooks palettes and they are all nice and fun to use, with a combo of matte and shimmer. I"m super happy to get this and I'm excited to play with these colors!

This box is fantastic, and I am SO GLAD I decided to resubscribe! Everything will be used and I am beyond obsessed with the liner. What do you think about this month's Starbox?

If you haven't subscribed to Starlooks yet, feel free to use my referral link!

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