Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fortune Cookie Soap - Summer Soap Box

I've been wanting to try Fortune Cookie Soap for ages! They're a small, independent bath and body company with really fun and whimsical products (like soaps shaped like fortune cookies, of course). They offer a seasonal (quarterly) subscription box, which contains around 8 sample/travel sized products for $19.95. This is my first one!

This is a fortune cookie soap in "One in a Melon". It smells like a watermelon jolly rancher! It's so cute, and I've been using it all week. Just a nice soap that looks adorable chilling by my sink.

Whipped Cream in "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere". This is their version of body butter. I love the texture! It's nice and rich, but not too thick or stiff. It absorbs well and moisturizes well. The scent smells like fruity drinks, and is fun for summer.

Sugar Scrub in "I Scream, You Scream". This is a scrub that smells exactly like neopolitan ice cream, with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. This is my favorite item in the box! It's a creamy sugar scrub rather than an oily one. I wanted to eat it!

Don't Be Jelly jelly soap in Body Shot. This is a cool product, I've never tried a jelly soap! It smells (and looks) like jello shots! Fun!

Where The Sun Don't Shine solid suncreen stick. As a super easily burnt person, I am happy to get this! It is SPF 15 and perfect to keep in my bag to add a little extra protection. It smells like banana and coconut, super summery!

This is sea salt hair spritz in Aquaholic. It is meant to give that beachy hair t to exture. Now, these sprays never work for me when it comes to beachy waves, but I like this to add a little texture when I want to tie my hair back or braid it. It smells just like a pina colada!

OCD hand sanitizer in "Do You Salsa or Mango?" It sanitizes your hands and smells like mango salsa. It's a different scent, and I like it! I use a ton of hand sanitizer at work, so I was happy to get this!

"Mother Pucker" shower steamer. This is kind of like a bath bomb, only for the shower. I didn't really get much enjoyment out of it, though - it smelled nice, but the scent was overpowered by the other products I was using in the shower. Fun to try, but not something I'd buy.

Overall, I really liked this box! Lots of fun products. I will be buying some more of the "I Scream, You Scream" scent and I am already excited to see what comes in the fall box!

Have you tried Fortune Cookie Soaps yet?

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