Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Target "Beauty is all the Buzz" Bag, Spring 2012

So, Target has now offered these little free sample bags several times.  They're always a lot of fun to get, and what's better than free beauty samples?  They obviously offer products available at Target, so it's not high end deluxe samples, but it's always great, accessible products. I scrambled to sign up for mine when they became available in April and then promptly forgot about I was surprised and excited when it showed up a few days ago!

The bag itself is really cute! Pink and red striped zipper pouch.  I've since begun using it to hold my eyeliners.

I was excited to pull out these wipes!  I tried a sample of the simple face wash last month and I enjoyed it.  I love wipes like these to keep around for when I need to quickly clean my face or remove my makeup...I've placed them in my work bag!  I've used one so far, and it did a great job of removing my eye makeup and didn't leave my face feeling oily.

I love Nivea products.   This lotion promises to hydrate for 48 hours! I wash my hands approximate 1 billion times per day at work, so this is a great little size to take along with me.  It smells nice, too.

Neutrogena visibly bright face wash.  I will try this out, as I like brightening products.  It will have to wait for a bit, as I'm currently having my monthly hormonal breakouts and I don't want to further upset them with a new product!

Pantene conditioner for color treated hair.  I'm not a huge fan of Pantene, so I will take this to work and let one of my residents use it. Smells good, and good for me as I do have color treated hair, but Pantene just does nothing for me.

Magic Lumi light infusing primer. I tried this already and it was decent! I liked the way it looked on my cheeks, less so on my forehead area which is to be expected for me.  Non greasy and not too shimmery!

It also included a little booklet of Target beauty coupons. In all, a great little bag for free.  My favorite item is the simple wipes! I may have to buy a full size of them!  Did you get a beauty bag this time?


Ashley said...

Mine showed up a few days ago too! I really like that the Simple wipes were in there I love those things. I think this might be better than my MyGlam bag lolol

Patricia Thrift said...

I got mine as well, and our reviews are pretty much the same on most things, minus the nivea and the primer. I really didn't have much of the primer at all in my little peel off pouch... I have just started this blog about samples I get, so at the moment until my first sample boxes come in (hopefully birchbox Monday) its all I have reviewed. Here is the link though